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Create-A- / Re: The More, The Merrier! :: A Soundtrack by ShOscar
« Last post by ShOscar on January 20, 2024, 09:47:10 am »
glad you like it! i got into A Wilhelm Scream pretty recently, and i'm really digging their stuff. their albums Partycrasher and Lose Your Delusion (the one with "GIMMETHESHAKES") are both absolute bangers! i recommend them both if you haven't listened to them yet.
Questions & Tutorials / Re: Custom soundtrack works- but not all songs play?
« Last post by ShOscar on January 20, 2024, 09:38:29 am »
when i try to sample them in the tracklist the game just crashes
this is because the name of the song file is too long. the filename shouldn't exceed 22 or 23 characters. otherwise, it'll crash upon trying to preview it.
all the songs show up on the tracklist, but they don't all play. some songs never do
i believe this is also tied to song names being too long. try shortening all the ones that are over 23 characters long to see if that fixes it.
Questions & Tutorials / Custom soundtrack works- but not all songs play?
« Last post by Smeskii on January 19, 2024, 08:52:04 am »
I've recently made a custom soundtrack, and after enough messing around it worked, but i do have one problem: all the songs show up on the tracklist, but they don't all play. some songs never do, and when i try to sample them in the tracklist the game just crashes. I tried looking for possible reasons as to why those specifically are this way even though i did all the songs the same, but i have found nothing.
-they are all properly named, with the correct file that is present in the folder
-the soundtrack code has the correct amount of songs listed
-they are not particularly long songs
-the rest work perfectly fine, and even some songs added after those work
anyone have any ideas??? did i just get unlucky or something?
Create-A- / Re: Most Wanted: THUG PRO [Soundtrack Collections] by Rdup222
« Last post by ShOscar on January 15, 2024, 12:47:30 am »
I don't. But if you're looking for THPS soundtracks, you can find them here:
Does anyone have downloaded Rdup222's sountrack collections here?
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Create-A- / Re: THPS Community Soundtrack Vol. 5 - Request Form Now Open!
« Last post by joe816 on January 14, 2024, 01:09:12 am »
Stoked! I JUST made an account in time to suggest songs, haha
Create-A- / THPS Community Soundtrack Vol. 5 - FORM CLOSED, COMING SOON
« Last post by ShOscar on January 13, 2024, 07:18:57 pm »

The form is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted song requests! The soundtrack should be coming out Soon™️!

It's that time once again for a new community soundtrack! This one, however, is going to be different. The theme this time around is songs from around the world! Choose five songs, with each song being from a different artist and a different country. Click the link below to fill out your suggestions for the soundtrack! You will also find more information about the community soundtrack itself there. Have fun! :D

Once the soundtrack is ready, you will find a download for it here. There will also be playlist versions made for Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube, just like the last soundtrack.

Email[email protected]
Create-A- / Joes Jams - My Soundtrack
« Last post by joe816 on January 11, 2024, 06:39:35 am »
This is my first attempt at making my own custom soundtrack for Thug Pro. It's got everything from Hip Hop, to Punk Rock, to Death Metal, to whatever Primus is. I tried to make it feel as much like an official game's soundtrack as I could. All songs are uncensored.

To Install, just copy the User folder to your Thug Pro directory.

Acrobrats - Day Late, Dollar Short
Aesop Rock - Mars Attacks
Angry Samoans - Gas Chamber
Atmosphere - Hell's Playground
A Wilhelm Scream - Swallowed the Sea
Bad Brains - Right Brigade
Bad Religion - I Want to Conquer the World
Billy Talent - Reckless Paradise
Blackstar feat. Common - Respiration
Blood Command - S01E02.Return.of.the.Arsonist
Brand Nubian - allforone
Brother Ali feat. Slug The Believer
Catbite - Asinine Aesthetic
Cave In - New Reality
Children of Bodom - Needled 24/7
Circle Jerks - Rock House
The Clash - Janie Jones
Clowns - Formaldehyde
Clutch - Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
Del tha Funkee Homosapien - The Wacky World of Public Transit
Diverse - Uprock
Dr. Living Dead - No Way Out
The Faction - Let's Go Get Cokes
Frenzal Rhomb - Gone to the Dogs
Fu Manchu - Don't Panic
Gama Bomb - Slam Anthem
Get Dead - Fire Sale
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - Adapt or Die
Grey Matter - Burn No Bridges
Green Day - Look Ma, No Brains!
Guttermouth - Can I Borrow Some Ambition?
GWAR - Viking Death Machine
Hot Snakes - Braintrust
Hot Water Music - Exister
Howling Giant - Cybermancer and the Doomsday Express
Iron Maiden - Aces High
Lagwagon - Surviving California
Less Than Jake - Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding
Local Resident Failure - Old Skool
Mad Caddies - Backyard
Misfits - Hybrid Moments
Municipal Waste - Grave Dive
Mutoid Man - Melt Your Mind
Nas - Nas is Like
Necropanther - One and Only
New Bomb Turks - End of the Great Credibility Race
NOFX - We Called it America
No Trigger - The (Not So) Noble Purveyors...
No Use For A Name - Invincible
Obituary - Barely Alive
OTTTO - Skyscraper
Pennywise - Same Old Story
Polkadot Cadaver - Last Call in Jonestown
Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)
Primus - Wynnona's Big Brown Beaver
Probot - Shake Your Blood
Public Enemy - Hit tha Road Jack
PWRUP - Karate Chunk
Ramones - Theme from Spiderman
Rancid - Live Forever
Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky
Reel Big Fish - Punisher
Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout
Revolution Mother - Death Wish
Rocket From the Crypt - Light Me
Rollins Band - Stop Look & Listen
Run DMC - Rock Box
Scream - Take it From the Top
Sick of it All - The Snake (Break Free)
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind
SNFU - Voodoo Doll Collector
Stoned Jesus - Here Come the Robots
Strung Out - White Girls
Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed to Skate
Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave
Torche - Walk it Off
Venomous Concept - Timeline
Wu Tang Clan feat. Aesop & Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Preservation


Enjoy! :)
Create-A- / Re: The More, The Merrier! :: A Soundtrack by ShOscar
« Last post by Sileighty on January 08, 2024, 10:13:37 pm »
Did you get permission to release some of these maps? Some of them I don't think ever got proper public releases in any shape or form. Might be worth asking the creators before putting their content up, just a thought.