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General THPS(X) / THUG Updated Compatibility Release
« on: December 20, 2016, 06:47:36 PM »
Using the executable from the Pinecone Research Study trial uncovered a few months ago, a few of us have teamed up to release the executable with some changes to make it run the full THUG game.

This executable does not look for the game installation discs (no-cd) and is Windows 7+ compatible (no longer requires you to disable security updates).  We have also made it use a dll that will no longer give connection refused messages. Enjoy Online Play again!

To use, place THUG.exe and patch.dll in your THUG game directory.
If you want to play on Mac or Linux through Wine, you can just copy the whole game directory from an installed game and place these files in.

I've also made some additional files:
Add Camera Swivel Lock Numpad "." Registry Key:!cI01RRiC!0oQE6sL4iWHgefd0fblUoyFY-bEvp-sHXv6N3li4EWI
Xbox 360/One Xpadder Controller Setups:!IUNXmKaY!vnYXEFdWm_e2aP6wNrsbeG9kh4MWyTy9wwcJq0_98hU

-The ThMods team

General THPS(X) / THUG Pro
« on: October 30, 2016, 11:38:54 PM »

Improved Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller support (The game launcher is no longer required to be ran prior to game start for the trigger split to initialize, and the button mapping through the launcher for Xbox One controllers is now recognized on Windows 10)
Bluetooth PS3 controllers under Wine on Mac and Ubuntu now supported in the game launcher
Wine support for THUG Pro & Launcher - launcher now works and game installation no longer hangs on completion
Added L1 + L2 and R1 + R2 spin setup options*
College - Removed invisible object above level (bigger airs)
Moscow - The yellow government building is now wallrideable, and the snowmen have been restored
Kyoto - The Neon Signs no longer disappear online after being smashed, and more rail objects are taggable for Graffiti
Fixed Spin Lag time
"Delay Dropdowns from Grinds" has been renamed to "Spin Lag for Drop Downs" and it has been fixed (was not working in the last update)
Land Pivot has been restored to be linked to manuals only
The listing of custom parks in the level select menu has been fixed

*Known Bug
There is a known issue with the two new shoulder rotate options and 180 spin taps being enabled - you will spin indefinitely if pressing one of the buttons.  We recommend turning off Spin Taps if you are going to use the R1 + R2 or L1+L2 spin setups.
If you crash while using an Xbox 360/One controller, you may need to re-assign your triggers in the launcher.

Hope you enjoy this update, sorry about some of the bugs that were introduced in the last update.. but finally I can use my Xbox One controller with ease! Does it get any cozier.. (Thanks %gone)  :P

Special thanks to all members of the team, and especially the players.  I hope to play you online!

General THPS(X) / THUG Pro
« on: October 13, 2016, 09:28:32 PM »

Fixed crashing in East LA.
Fixed crashing when loading parks in net games.
Fixed crashing when quiting the game.
Fixed crashing when choosing goals for Goal Attack in some levels.
Fixed bug where the skateshop menu would randomly disappear.
Fixed various bugs related to Spin Key options.
Fixed bug where you could not do a Nose Manual after Land Pivot
Fixed missing scripts in various levels.

Halloween decorations in the skateshop.
Pumpkin Head CAS item.
Experimental Xbox 360 and Xbox One shoulder trigger split support has been implemented. 
 (the launcher has to be run before launching the game every time for this to take effect)
Added option to change Natas Spin key bindings.
Added police car to East LA.
Added "Allow Script Mods" host option.
 (The host in online play now has the ability to toggle a feature that disallows players to use modified scripts)

Improved visuals for Fun Park and Kyoto.
Improved anti cheat measures.

THUG Pro Launcher:
Edit Taunt Options - edit in-game taunt strings for online play
Windows 10 Light Patch - enable level light effects mostly in evening/night time of day settings
 (this option is only available to Windows 10 users.  If enabled, long lag may be experienced when changing to these day settings)

Temporarily disabled viewer cam.
 (we are working on some new features for the viewer and it is slated to return in a future update)
Removed skating taunts.

We hope you enjoy this update and have a Happy Halloween!
-THUG Pro Team

General THPS(X) / THUG Pro Version
« on: May 14, 2016, 03:12:38 AM »
THUG Pro Version has been released!


Two New Levels:
   -Downhill (THP8)
   -East L.A. (THAW)

Park Editor:
   -New Theme:  Hell
 -New Pieces:
    -Hell QP
   -Hell Spine
   -Cobblestone Floor
   -Hawaii Statue
   -The Fountain piece in the editor can be Natas Spinned

Original WallPlant animation has been imported from THUG
   -Improved WallPlant/StickerSlap Detection

New Special Trick: Misty Flip from THPS4

Restored: Skating Shortcut Taunt Controls:
-Grind, Grind, Grind = Taunt String
-Flip, Flip, Flip = Who's Your Daddy String
-Grab, Grab, Grab = No Way String
-Grind, Grind, Cross = Come Get Some String

   -Addressed issues with the Viewer Mode.
   -Improved Viewer Mode in Park Editor
   -Fixed viewer related quit game crashing.

   -"Classic" land animations now play when landing over a 100k combo & atleast 4 seconds of airtime
   -For the High Score/High Combo goals in the Goal Editor in the Park Editor:
    --pressing Enter / X / Ollie on the Set Score value will bring up a keyboard to manually enter a score.
    --Left/Right adjustment will scroll by 500k points for easier quick score setting
   -Added THAW Pre-Made parks.
   -Restored drift toggle option.
   -Fixed Suburbia tree shadow crash.
   -Fixed Skater Island vert revert crash.
   -Improved time-of-day for THAW levels.
   -Fixed bug that would let you skate in observe mode.
   -Fixed skater position bug with obs rejoin option.
   -Improved time-of-day option in freeskate.
   -Removed "late" trick prefix removal, would not register tricks in Skate-Tris or TrickTris goals
   -Walking "JUMP" sound restored from THUG, Landing sound now plays in all levels.
   -Headphones/Earmuffs can be placed on all hairstyles

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