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    Warehouse +

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    Earthworm Jim Snes

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    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

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    2019-24-09 by Dodeman has been hosting a series of CAP Contests over the past couple of years and we would like to welcome you to Contest #10 in the series! This is a contest utilizing the Create-A-Park editor within THUGPro. Unleash your creativity and have some fun! Contest #10 has a submission…

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    2019-18-09 by THPSX

    The latest update for THUGPro has been released! Huge thanks to the entire development team for their continued hard work on this amazing mod. Visit the THUGPro Website. Fixes: Fixed rail stall observer bug. Fixed natas spin sound loop bug, when entering observe mode. Fixed stall button menu text updating…

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    2019-23-04 by Dodeman

    CAP Contest #9 Judging Results Live Stream was held via our Twitch Channel on Saturday, May 11th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/5:00 p.m. Pacific. Thanks to everyone who joined us! CAP Contest #9 time! Theme: ‘Real Life Skate Spot‘. Submissions are now closed. Full contest details can be found on…

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    2019-14-01 by Dodeman

    Let’s get rolling for CAP Contest #8! Theme: ‘Graveyard‘. Mandatory: you must use the ‘Crypt‘ piece at least four times. Submissions are now closed. Full contest details can be found on our forums. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry! We hosted a live stream of the judging results via…

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    2018-01-12 by Dodeman

    Winning content Livestream Replay can be viewed here: THPSX YouTube Channel. View the survey results: Here. Presenting the first annual THUGPro Best of Custom Content 2018 as voted by the thpsX Community! There have been some fantastic creations this year. It’s amazing for a gaming series that will celebrate it’s…

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