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DSS Training Park

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    Beach Hangout (CAP)

    by Rift

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    Muay Thai Fighter

    by Skater Brazilian02

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    2019-14-01 by Dodeman

    Let’s get rolling for CAP Contest #8! Theme: ‘Graveyard‘. Mandatory: you must use the ‘Crypt‘ piece at least four times. Submissions are now closed. Full contest details can be found on our forums. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry! We hosted a live stream of the judging results via…

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    2018-01-12 by Dodeman

    Winning content Livestream Replay can be viewed here: THPSX YouTube Channel. View the survey results: Here. Presenting the first annual THUGPro Best of Custom Content 2018 as voted by the thpsX Community! There have been some fantastic creations this year. It’s amazing for a gaming series that will celebrate it’s…

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    2018-21-09 by Dodeman

    THPSX’s very own Tyler has amassed quite the THPS collection over the years. Check out his latest video below detailing all the hard work and dedication it took to acquire these rare gems!

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    2018-07-08 by Dodeman

    Let’s talk about the new feature added to the THUGPro 0.6.0 update: Custom Level support! Yup, Custom Levels have been a thing since back when I put together that other Custom Level video…but this recent update to THUGPro just makes it an absolute SNAP! No more having to replace files…

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    2018-03-07 by Dodeman

    So by now everyone knows the latest version of THUGPro has been released and one of the cool new features of it is that you can now add your own Custom Soundtracks! Want to listen to Beethoven’s 5th while grinding away in Marseilles? Now you can! A little MxPx while…

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