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May 18, 2018, 01:50:21 AM
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i believe caps sometimes should serve the player like an empty sheet, not very tight and give the skater the ability to play its own style without forcing anything because what one searches when  you enter a cap is to fly around in the skateboard really, not just going through the obvious objects placed around. thoughts?

Re: C-A-P`s

Reply 1 May 24, 2018, 04:37:54 PM
One of my top things I feel makes for a fun and enjoyable CAP is flow. Typically when a CAP is just jammed with objects everywhere it feels congested and you find yourself constantly running into everything. Spacing things out, giving it room to "breathe" is a good thing. I always dreamed of making a CAP that had the space expanded as large as possible with limitless ability to raise and lower the ground as many times as one wanted without constantly running out of memory. This would allow for one to be as creative as possible and not have to be quite so constrained with the memory limit at every turn. A truly worthy successor to a "real" level could be built in that environment I believe. One that isn't packed so tight and flows like milk and honey.

So then, I agree with you warpig...I have never cared much to use pre-made half-pipes and full pre-made pool objects and the like in my CAPs. I will on occasion when memory is a concern and when something just fits well with what I'm building. I'd rather raise and lower the ground and use that method as walls and ditches and such and then use quarterpipes and the rail tool as such to make it more skateable.

Smooth flow is a key aspect of any CAP- too tight and I'm on to the next one without a second thought.

Re: C-A-P`s

Reply 2 June 28, 2018, 09:59:45 PM
nice, i will try and avoid placing the obvious objects so much, such as pools and quarter pipes because i do use them, and i tend to use them in a variety of places just so i could not leave a spot empty. guess i can try to recreate them using other stuff instead of adding more of those. :D cheers!

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