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lemme Introduce myself

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March 08, 2018, 08:58:02 PM
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Guess there should be a place for noobs like me to introduce themselves.

 Hi, Im Cs117 (short for Conn6orsuper117) and I've been a THPS fan for almost all my life, If it werent for my cousin introducing me to THPS3 on the Xbox I wouldn't have had such an amazing childhood.

 Im just your average 18 year old semi-fresh from highschool. I got a sunday job as a Hotel custodian working for a good 30 bucks a day.
I just heard about the ThugPro mod yesterday and have already spent most of my day playing it.

I also have a Youtube & soundcloud where I attempt to post regularly on (except my soundcloud is out of minutes since they're trying to cash in on a crappy subscription). I dunno if its ok to link, so I'll hid them in a spoilers tab:

 Im glad to be here and meet you all!

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