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Re: Rest in Peace Colton (Fayte) Challis - December 28, 2016

Reply 15 January 07, 2017, 01:12:22 PM
holy shit matt (dragon) i hope  you remember me because i share some stories with you and we go pretty far back but anyway back to the point.. My friend that ive known for 11 years now told me earlier this week that her friend died and she was heartbroken. She never mentioned who this was nor did i ask how she knew him. She told me CJCHALLIS was his name and it never dawned on me. I knew colton decently well. We played thps, socom and we constantly chatted on aim and we're pretty decent friends and at one point i would say he was the nicest person who played on the TXO servers. As im writing this all the memories of him are flowing through me and i feel like i could have done more to kept in touch with him. I can say there are times in my life that have been dark and perhaps i could have been just like him, but this is life and we have to persevere now. Anyway i ended up googling cj challis and ended up finding his facebook and people saying his memorial would be saturday/today ( my friend told me it would be saturday and she was trying to fly to attend and i was actually going to go with her but the costs were too much) anyway i ended up finding up through the youtube video of him through facebook and read the THPS and was awestruck. This is the same guy that ive known since i was like 12/13 playing thps. I certainly wish i found this out much sooner who he was to me and to all of us so i could attend the memorial. I will always remember this man.

To everyone else, i played thps for a pretty long time and i recognize a lot of names in here, sk8 drag,and i hope that anyone who recognizes my name to keep in touch with me through skype or somehow. anyway just wanted to share this with everyone.

oh and i havent talked to my friend about all this, but im going to later today.

Re: Rest in Peace Colton (Fayte) Challis - December 28, 2016

Reply 16 January 08, 2017, 01:04:59 PM
muito triste a perda de um player do THUG PRO  :'(

I just found out about this and it honestly made me shed some tears. It's been several years since I've been in touch with fayte. Even though I never knew him on a personal level out side of video games, it feels like I did. If you ever read this dragon keep in touch man

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