How do I do a mctwist over a helicopter

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You and Eric need to be in the same hotel for the mission

1 - He will tell you to make a certain amount of points.You won't fail this if you manage to land your tricks.
2 - As you land the tricks and get the score needed,you will notice that the cahps have arrived in their Bad Ass helicopter.Eric will notice and try to flee.

3 - Talk to this bitch and tell him you want to do a McTwist over the helicopter.He'll call you a lunatic,pretending he doesn't want to do this,but he'll film,since he wants you to go fuck yourself

4 - Edit your tricks to make sure McTwist is included so you can McTwist.

5 - Speed up,try grinding on the ledge,then ollie off the ramp and McTwist over the helicopter.NOTICE: THE HELICOPTER IS BELOW THE "MCTWIST" TEXT!

SMALL REMINDER: You might die if you ollie too early.Try to ollie when you get to the end of the ramp.

Congrats,you have McTwisted over a Helicopter.
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