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Now that I have mentioned this, I have to write a disclaimer:
We're not going to include any of these levels in an official THUG Pro update.
But its an interesting topic, and once we have a better workflow / interface for user created content, we will probably see some stuff in game.

Hey, cheers for the reply Morten! That's understandable and I'm looking forward to seeing user-created content become more prevalent. Once it does and useful tools become available I might go about porting a few levels myself!

The good thing about the last map not being ported (yet) is that we don't have to worry about a 3rd LA! :D

I can almost imagine the confusion between the THUG2 LA and the DMFBMX2 one.

(Also, what TheKosmicKollector said!)
"Winners never cheat.
And cheaters never win."
-HooL (Quite a while ago)


All of the levels in the videos that Morten just posted links to are actually from Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2.  The same game that the Chicago level from THPS4 was originally ported from.  I was kind of hoping to see MHPBMX2 levels in THUG Pro at some point, but I can understand why the devs wouldn't want to include them.  The levels were originally designed for BMX, so they may not be as good for skating.  I like playing the Chicago level, but the other levels might not be as smooth.  I think the Oklahoma City level would also be good for skating, but it may have issues that wouldn't become obvious until after it's been tested.

Some Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 levels would probably be amazing in THUGPRO (in my opinion).
Imagine the Trainyards with all those grinds.

DMFBMX2 Devils Peak would be hilarious just because its a dirt level. Woodward would be pretty sick too, its got a lot of vert to play with. and the interstate level would be the equivelant of Toads Turnpike if it could be imported with proper traffic AI.

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