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Just want to say I love what this mod does. Spent two days setting it up. Got the game working, created a custom soundtrack that has all the original music from the first three games and even set up a Reshade profile that makes the game look awesome.

Everything works great except the game will not save my high scores (Offline/Freeskate/2 minute challenge). I don’t care about online stuff. Is this something the game just doesn’t do or am I doing something wrong? It shows the high scores until I close the game than whenever I start it again they’re gone. I’ve “saved game” during a free skate score run but it still doesn’t save the scores. Once I exit and restart the game all the scores are gone.

Is this a limitation of the game itself or am I doing something wrong. This is so close to being the perfect offline Tony Hawk experience. Just needs to save the scores after you exit the game. Awesome progress otherwise so far. Loving everything else about the game.

Thanks for anyone that replies.
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