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May 29, 2019, 10:48:29 AM
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I would love to get a hold of Top Wing in THUGPro.
Can someone make the following skaters: Swift, Penny, Rod, Brody, Speedy, Bea, Timmy Turtle, Anyu, Tina, Wally, T, and Shelly (some of them complete with select animations and custom tricks)
And a fully complex level of Big Swirl Island which includes 4 drivable vehicles (a la THUG), gaps, and level options including competition ramps, etc.
Possibly some users like Skater1014 could make all those stuff! If you do make/model the assets from Top Wing to THUGPro, I appreciate it!
Good luck!

Well someone else like Skater1014 can, not you!?

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