Questions about future updates and current issues

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Hello! I just love <3 the THUGPro project and was wondering if this is still actively being worked on. I was wondering if there will be regular updates for the project and bug fixes etc. I and many many people currently have an issue with the game crashing multiple times per session and it can get quite frustrating as we just want to play our beloved THUG2 game and THPS maps. I also have noticed an issue with my game where I have to re-assign my buttons for spine transfers everytime after I close the game or it crashes. Who else has this problem? Let me know. Will this ever be acknowledged? Let me know. I would also like to ask about the remaining American Wasteland maps. Will these be added to the game? I have great faith in the THUGPro project, and great passion for it. Thanks for listening,

Pagalba, 10+ year veteran of the Tony Hawk series, huge supporter of the THUGPro project, and willing to help in any way possible!
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