Racing update (Idea)

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Skater1014's maps are one of the main reasons this idea has come to mind, As it would be fun to race on them Mario maps.

With THUG 2 having an option for custom races in the goal creator and Skater1014 porting maps from Mario Kart, I figured this would be a great thing to add.

The races could use the structure from the Create A Goal races, Simple Checkpoint to checkpoint.

There could be multiple race classes, Skateboards or Vehicles.

The races could be class based and range from Paulie's wheelchair or to actual cars.

With all of the car models in the game that you see AI-driving, It wouldn't be too hard to have variety there.

Other vehicles could be hidden character vehicles like the Aborigine's Go-kart or the Witch doctors Tricycle.

Create a park could be another good way to work with this feature. Just add some props from past games (Thug1 Freeway pieces, Tube tunnels, etc.)

Is this idea possible? If so how much work would it be?
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