MusicToTHUGPro - Tool to easily create THUG Pro soundtracks

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I made a tool that lets you easily create a THUG Pro soundtrack. No third party tools required to convert, input a folder of mp3s/flacs/whatever and it will output to your THUG Pro folder with the json generated. Just open the program, drag and drop folder, enter name, and it will begin converting. Only thing it requires is the .NET framework which THUG Pro also requires. You can get the latest build here:

You can also use command line arguments to convert directly, for example:
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MusicToTHUGPro.exe -i "C:\mysongs\input\" -n "My Soundtrack" -fn "my_st" -o "C:\mysongs\output" (-fn & -o are not required switches)

If you have any issues or feature requests leave them here or on the repo.
(Yes it's infinitely easier to just play Spotify in the background, but this is for those who care)

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My soundtrack doesn't want to show up in the in game menu...
The soundtrack folder was created with the bik files, and the json file is in the user folder.
Is there a step I'm missing?