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Hi there, I'm excited to play THUG Pro for the nostalgia trip. I loved playing THPS2 when I was a young'un.

Anyways, I have THUG Pro installed on my laptop (Beta, but I cannot get my PS3 controller to work with it. I use my PS3 controller with some other PC games and it works fine.

It is a wired USB connection through SCP Toolkit mapping, so the PC thinks its an xBox 360 controller. But every time I attempt to bind the controller, I cannot bind any buttons, and it seems to scroll through as one of the joysticks. When I run the game, the menu just scrolls constantly.

I could use a USB keyboard, but would prefer to use the PS3 controller.

Any help is a bonus.

Many Thanks,


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Hello there.  When I started playing again I mainly used an XBOX One controller, and then a PS2 controller.  Now I'm on a PS4 and its probably the best for me.  My only experience with software for this is DS4Windows / InputMapper and when that worked it had some bugs every now and then.  Now I use a dedicated Sony bluetooth dongle.

What worked for me when I used software was making sure the OS properly recognized and configured the controller at installation via driver/device customization, and then after that configuring it again through THUGPro Launcher.

If your system is recognizing it as a joystick that sounds like an OS level issue with the drivers and etc.  I'd try discovering it a few times and playing around with the settings to see how you can use it.  I don't want to give you bad advice that causes you to mess up your control in other games but you should at least be able to save a few profiles to back that up as far as controller inputs.

If you can't get it working trying some additional software might be useful.  Certain controller and OS combinations have a known issue of installing the wrong drivers by default, so you may also have to play around with that.  You might try searching this issue to see what you find for your specific controller and your controller software.

Good luck!

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i think theres a driver you can download that allows dualshock3 to be used wirelessly or wired. check youtube, i know there is one because my friend uses a ps3 controller :P
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