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Whatever / Re: Story behind your Username
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:42:07 am »
Well, basically, I`ve used this name ever since I can remember. I grew up moving a lot, and music was my outlet. My favorite band is Deftones, and they have a song called RX Queen. Well I decided to name myself way back when I was little, and first playing PC Games. So I named myself RX K1NG. It just stuck, it`s unique because nobody has it. on anything. So now that`s what I use

Create-A- / Custom CAS Item/ Custom Skater request!!!
« on: May 23, 2017, 06:45:11 am »
Hey, been playing ThugPRO for a long time now, and with all these talented people creating some awesome stuff for the game we love, I thought I`d add a request. Nobody has to do it, but If someone is up to the challenge that would be awesome.

My requests are just a couple things: Two custom skaters: I was hoping someone could make Tyler Durden and Edward Norton models from Fight Club??? Its my favorite movie.
 Second thing: also fight club related, some T Shirts with the fight club soap logo on them? Or maybe Tyler Durden`s outfit from the movie!

Lastly: A deck replacement, Turned into a pink Bar of soap lol.

Anyways that's all, and if no one wants to, no worries. Just a few ideas if anyone feels like making them, would be super super appreciated!!!!!

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