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Create-A- / My THUGPro Blender Project Archive
« Last post by ShOscar on September 04, 2022, 01:19:22 pm »
Due to some requests from people in the community, I thought I should upload my Blender projects for some levels and player models I have worked on for THUGPro. I have no future plans on working on these anymore, but I don't want them to go to waste either. I have thought about doing this for a while, but here you go, I guess.

This Google Drive folder contains every project for THUGPro I have started since 2017. Finished levels, unfinished levels, ideas that came and went, a lot of player models that were either WIP or scrapped, and more. The purpose of this is for those who wish to take a look at my past work to get a good idea of how some THUG-related things work. Some of these levels have examples of gaps, goals, vehicles, graffiti pieces, CTF, and pedestrians, among other things. These levels do not have everything that could be done in THUGPro, but they have a decent amount of things. Also if anyone is willing to try to take a swing at any of my unfinished projects, feel free to do so.


Create-A- / Re: Retiring from THUGPro content, and Blender tools rant
« Last post by ShOscar on September 04, 2022, 12:41:44 pm »
I would love to see the Acid Factory .blend to surface online if it hasn't already
It has not surfaced online, but I have thought about uploading my level projects online for others to see. I have messed around with some scripting and graphical stuff on some levels, and maybe some people would find it helpful to look at them. I might upload them later today and make a separate forum post about it. And glad my Mushroom City project file was helpful to you, too.
Create-A- / WWE SVR 2004 Soundtrack
« Last post by Poky! on September 03, 2022, 05:19:50 pm »
The soundtrack from WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2004 Soundtrack in ThugPro
If i have missed any songs, Feel free to let me know
Create-A- / Re: Retiring from THUGPro content, and Blender tools rant
« Last post by Sneeze on September 02, 2022, 11:54:57 pm »
A conscious decision I made back in February, in order to make up for the lack luster documentation the custom level scene has to offer, was to always include my level's .blend file (and any other design assets) in it's entirety while uploading it to the net, and that's something I hope more people take to doing as well.

Something I picked up in my time producing MUGEN content, or literally anything programming related for that matter, being able to copy off of someone else's work is an EXTREMELY valuable asset. In the level's I've uploaded since they're chock full of gap scripts, shatter scripts, ToD scripts, that anyone with a minimal understanding of 2.79 would be able to easily lift and adapt to their own needs. As opposed to the teeth grinding endeavor that is scavenging years old Discord server chats and trying to use Pre Tool.

Heck, even the .blend provided with Mushroom City proved pretty useful, very useful actually, guarantee you I wouldn't've been able to find custom vehicles and custom goals so readily available anywhere else.

If you still have it, I would love to see the Acid Factory .blend to surface online if it hasn't already, it was always one of my favorites, felt like the standard I held all my own custom levels up to.
Create-A- / Re: Retiring from THUGPro content, and Blender tools rant
« Last post by RainbowDash321 on August 25, 2022, 06:23:48 pm »
I have planned to retire thugpro too but there things I would like to do before I stop making stuff. I started playing thugpro few months after the mod launched in August 2013. I stopped playing it in 2014. I started to play again in 2017 and stopped again. I came back in 2021 because but this time I build better parks. There are parks things I would like to do before retiring.

I stepped away from thugpro because I don’t have much parks to make. I started working on thug1 because there’s not much stuff from that game.

I joined couple of discord servers that I don’t really care for because there are some projects I’m following and after mod comes out and complete…I leave the server because I got a mod I want to get. I joined a Luigi’s mansion modding discord server because I was following a project I would like to have. After the mod came out, I left the server because I don’t want to be involved talking to people. Staffs don’t mind people joining and leaving a server. You don’t have to stay in a server. That’s your decision if you want to stay or leave the servers.

Most projects and documents are now in community discord servers nowadays. Years ago before discord, people use to post in forums.

You are always welcome back to the community.
Create-A- / On hiatus from THUGPro content, and Blender tools rant
« Last post by ShOscar on August 25, 2022, 06:03:59 pm »
EDIT: I consider myself to be more or less on an indefinite hiatus rather than retired. I might get back into custom content, but don't hold your breath on it.

Hello all,

This is to let you know that I will no longer be making custom content for THUGPro anymore. It was fun while it lasted, but I simply do not find it fun or fulfilling to work on content for the game anymore. Now it just doesn't feel fun. I don't feel any joy or satisfaction when working on a map or playermodel. Just headaches and sore eyes.

I have been working on THUGPro content since early 2017, and at the time, I was so dedicated to wanting to make content that I was willing to learn a program that I never used prior to then. I did not even know what a Blender was until those thug_tools were dropped by the mysterious asdf__, but that did not stop me from wanting to fulfill some silly little dreams from my youth. I mean, skating around collecting S-K-A-T-E letters in Delfino Plaza was what dreams were made of... to me at least. But as time went on, the magic just kinda withered away, and it just isn't fun or cool anymore. Also did not help that I've had projects that remained unfinished even five years later. Progress was just slow, and it was slowly eating me from the inside.

Also didn't help that working on content took a major toll on my mental health, having mental breakdowns because I spent years working on one thing that could have taken a fraction of a fraction of time, among other personal issues i wont mention here. It wasn't like i was busy either. I had college, but i wasn't working or going out with friends. Just staying home mashing away on a port of a level from a shitty BMX game. And sure, it wouldn't get as much recognition as something like Baltimore, but that didn't matter to me. I worked on maps because i enjoyed it... at least i thought i enjoyed it.

I did try taking a break from making content back in 2020, and resumed in 2021. And at the time, it seemed like it was going good, getting back into making content with a fresh mindset and being more "professional" about level making by making sketches and writing down ideas instead of just wingin' it in blender. It worked for the most part, but all the negative shit immediately came back, and it just started eating me from the inside again. I decided to release Mushroom City, a map i have worked on for years. It isnt finished, but i have no interest in finishing it. But at the same time, I dont want to let five years of work go to waste.

What really broke me was how disorganized the documentation for these Blender tools is. It is almost impossible to get any help for some tool functions if you're either not in the THPSX discord server or weren't there when it was first discovered. For example, I tried getting time-of-day functions to work on a map, but for some reason, it just wasnt working. So i tried looking it up online and got zero results. Looked through the THPS tools page on, nothing. Looked in the github repository, nothing. I then decided to download a map that had working TOD stuff, and the readme mentioned a "new time of day system"... What new TOD system? What is this new system that i should apparently be aware of? Also, i dunno about you, but if i gain new knowledge about something that could be useful to others, i would try to let others know about it. Not keep it to myself and vanish from the community without a trace.

I dont know if other communities are like this, because i havent been in said communites, but it seems like a big problem here in the THPS modding community. "oh it's in the discord go look there." i am not gonna go in a server and look through thousands of pages of backlogs to find one little thing. and not everyone is interested in joining discord servers, either. see? this is what i mean by the documentation being garbage. This knowledge is scattered among various discord servers and channels said by people who are gone from the community. at this point, the challenge is less in learning the program itself, and more in trying to find this information. Also, i know i cant say much in how documentation is made since i havent made a blender tool myself, but i dont need to be a coder to tell you that documentation sucks. I don't need to be a five-star chef to tell you that food sucks. I don't need to be a musician to tell you that a song is forgettable. I don't need to be a graphics design major to tell you that your design sucks.

All in all, if someone needs help and all you can say is "go look in the discord", then something isn't right. I don't need to rip out my own scalp just to find something that someone else already figured out many years ago. Modding communities are supposed to be supportive, helpful, and have resources readily available that aren't locked behind a cool-kids membership. I shouldn't have to pester various people who never respond to DMs or friend requests just to know how to do one thing. And I get it, thug2 is a closed-source game. It was bolted down to prevent reverse engineering. It isn't like TF2 or Fallout where tools were provided by the devs themselves. But guess what? Super Smash Bros Brawl is closed-source too, and there are TONS and TONS of resources on how to mod that game. So that's a moot point.

And that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Sorry if I sound mean-spirited or salty, but I really want to let my feelings about this be known. And like I said, I won't have plans on making any more THUGPro content. I feel like focusing on my mental health and well-being is a lot more important than dwelling on tools for a video game from 2004. Hope y'all can understand. If not, that's okay I guess.

Create-A- / i will make a skateborad for you
« Last post by hallofants30 on August 25, 2022, 12:08:29 pm »
give me your email
i will sent it to you
Questions & Tutorials / Help with rigging custom models
« Last post by ViewtifulX on August 24, 2022, 12:55:00 am »
Sorry if this is redundant it's my first post here.

Are there any up to date tutorials for rigging models? The only one I've found is from 5 years ago and the description says it is outdated

Any assistance in finding a tutorial that still works would be nice but if anyone has experience doing it a comment would also be helpful.
Create-A- / Seconds, Anyone? :: A Soundtrack by ShOscar
« Last post by ShOscar on July 15, 2022, 07:39:41 pm »
Seconds, Anyone? An original soundtrack!

Are you ready for another round? Have another soundtrack on me! The vibe is similar to that of my previous soundtrack. 76 tracks ranging between punk rock, hip-hop, electronic, rap, metal, and all sorts of other genres! Music that I believe is fun to skate to or even just listen to in general.

Spotify playlist also available! It is missing a few songs that are not on the streaming service, and song availability may also vary depending on your location. Thanks, Spotify!

All Night DiningThere Must've Been A Reason
American AuthorsHeart Of Stone
American SharksMasters
AmplifyTrade Winds
Anyway!Fight This
CampfireThis Is Our Year
Cancer BatsTrust No One
ChokeDoin' Fine (Remix)
Cloud NothingsOnly Light
Comeback KidIn-Between
Da Lench MobFreedom Got an A.K.
DC FalloutThe Elephant
DeadsyRazor Love
Deez NutsDamn Right
DonotsAll the Weight of the World
Dropout KingsBad Day
Eric LauLow On the Treble
fish narcWiLDFiRE
Generation XReady Steady Go
Glamour of the KillA Hope In Hell
High ChoirWho Do You Think I Am
ImplantsOnce Was I
In FlamesI, the Mask
Ken AshcorpHunter
Lil GnarMoshpit
Los Mox!Me Duele La Mente
Los OlvidadosAssassin Of Youth
Lucky ShotsLiving On The Edge
Lunatic SoulNavvie
MisconductThink Positive
Mobsta ManeWintertime
Mutoid ManGnarcissist
NailsEndless Resistance
Neil Merryweather & Lynn CareyShop Around
OWEAKSpilling Water
Pop EvilIn Disarray
PretendersThe Wait
PulleyWhere Are You Now
QuickdeadGive Me The Drug
R.A. The Rugged ManGotta Be Dope
Random HandAbide
Ray BarbeeWhat's His Neck
Reptilian God ManaVoice Of God
reversalborn to follow
Rich BrianGetcho Mans
Riot CityLivin' Fast
Rise AgainstNowhere Generation
Say What You WillChameleon
Scooped Up!Best Days
Shift-DVicious Memory
Sidewalk SurfersDrunk Together
Slitch FaneWhich Side Are You On
SorcerersLaughing Lions
Stray From The PathGuillotine
SuperheistThe Fight Back
Surfer BloodFrozen
Tame ImpalaIs It True
The DeclineAbsent Mindlessness
The Math ClubShoot First
The MovielifeBarefoot
The UnseenUseless Regrets
The Waiting GameGetting Older
Tommy GuerreroMysterious Frequencies
Total MassacrePunching Up
TravelerBehind the Iron
VenereaSon Of A Beach
Verbal AssaultTrial
WeezerCan't Knock the Hustle
WyldlifeSacré Bleu
Zig ZagsThey'll Never Take Us Alive
Create-A- / THUG Pro Cars Menu Mod
« Last post by RainbowDash321 on June 29, 2022, 06:37:54 pm »
This mod only add cars menu for online only. People can't see what car model you're driving.

Car mod folder: disable update file and modded thugpro_qb.prx file

Original folder: auto update file and normal thugpro_qb.prx file