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Create-A- / Nike Blazer Mid Sale
« Last post by Ruthe267 on Today at 01:47:30 am »
Nike Blazer Mid Sale

Zoals bij sommige van Nike Blazer Mid Dames voorstellen, heeft het nieuw gelanceerde paar een duurzame suède-compositie over het bovenwerk. Profiel-swooshes en hielonderlagen genieten ook van het harige materiaal, maar introduceren een gebroken wit contrast in de mix. Labels in vintage-stijl op de zichtbare schuimtong volgen het voorbeeld, net als de zool, die geen lichtgombruine buitenzool heeft voor een tonale esthetiek.

Net als eerder opgedoken iteraties, verwent het komende paar zich met een mix van materialen, waarbij suède het bovenwerk overweldigt. In plaats van een uniform uiterlijk te hebben, is de bovenste helft van de schoen echter voorzien van panelen in lichtbruin, roze, blauw en een "Vintage Wine"-achtige toon. Profiel-swooshes wijken, net als veterbeschermers, verder af van de standaard Nike Blazer Mid Heren via een gesegmenteerde constructie uit meerdere materialen die diepte en karakter toevoegt aan de toch al gewaagde optie.
Als vervolg op de Nike Blazer Mid Goedkoop die voor het laatst in oktober 2019 werd gezien, behoudt het aanstaande duo de gelaagde look die nu vaak wordt verwacht van de schoenensamenwerkingen van Chitose Abe. Swooshes met leren profiel en veterbeschermers zijn verdubbeld, waarbij het bovenste onderdeel een 'Classic Green'- of 'Magma Orange'-tint heeft. Rubberen versteviging over de hele voorvoet en middenvoet zorgt voor een ongeraffineerde esthetiek die wordt versterkt rond de hiel, Nike Blazer Mid Sale ten minste vier vergelijkbare overlays van verschillende vormen en hoogtes. De "sacai"-branding is minimaal gehouden en verschijnt alleen op de dubbel zichtbare schuimtong en inlegzool.
Create-A- / nike air max 2021 femme
« Last post by jerrylkincaid on January 21, 2022, 08:55:55 pm »
"With the advent of “Next Nature,” Nike’s nike france solde homme collection gradually faded into the background. And though colorways continued to surface in the time thereafter, none garnered the same response as the original four. In 2022, however, that may change as the brand is making notable design changes to the Space Hippie 04.Here, the remodeled sneaker makes a “Triple White” debut, preferring to let its many tweaks do the talking. And while sustainable much like the original, the construction is far less vocal about its recycled parts.
Towards the tail end of 2021, Nike started to pile on the nike air max 2021 femme colorways, dressing the silhouette up in everything from new “Sprung” themes to leopard prints. And though off to a slow start so far, the silhouette’s year seems to be getting more and more eventful by the day.Here, the Air Max 90 has appeared in yet another GR colorway, this one lacking the snowflakes of recent unveils. In its stead, the pair visually celebrates Spring and the Summer ahead, presenting bright oranges and reds via the eyestays and tooling.
In short, the nike air force 1 high homme is the classic’s newest remodel, which takes the original and changes everything from its paneling to its sole. But when you compare it to previous iterations, there’s an evident through line that has been refined over time. The Swoosh has quite possibly landed on one of their best redesigns yet, and they’re continuing to show it support with a number of debut colorways.
Here, the shoe nike chaussure noir is seen in a tonal pink make-up that adds a hint of femininity to the catalog. Unlike the “Triple White” seen before, not everything is colored in one shade. The sole, for instance, is much more neutral-toned, contrasting the Spring-like feel of the misplaced Swoosh, tumbled leathers, and contrast stitching. And though the branding at the tongue and heel are threaded in white, they distract little from the overall palette."
Questions & Tutorials / Can anyone help me with installing custom skaters?
« Last post by DeathWorld on January 14, 2022, 05:19:21 pm »
Whenever i try to replace chad muska’s model with a custom skater it doesn’t work. I just installed THUGPRO a few days ago so that may be an issue I guess?
Create-A- / Geta Loada This!! :: A THUGPro Soundtrack by ShOscar
« Last post by ShOscar on January 02, 2022, 04:36:26 pm »
I present to you... Geta Loada This!! An original soundtrack for THUGPro!

A collection of 74 songs that include--but are not limited to--skatepunk, modern hip-hop, and even jazz! I didn't try to emulate the feel of a "classic" THPS soundtrack but instead went for music that I believe is fun to skate to. I also made sure to not include anything that was too slow or too drab. At the same time, I didn't try to fill it up with too much energy or fast music. I think I got a good balance with styles, genres, artists, and vibes. Enough for a good-ole skating mix!

AdrenalizedSet It on Fire
AJR feat. Blue Man GroupOrdinaryish People
AllisterBack to Brookline
AtmospherePostal Lady
BackWordzThe Great Equalizer
Bad ShitOnward to Battle
Blind PigsSteel Toe Judges
Blood YouthPlaying the Victim
Blueprint prod. Aesop RockNot Sure Why I Came Back
Boom Bap ProjectHagler vs Hearns
Breeze Brewin feat. Black MilkThe Uninvited
Capital CitiesStayin' Alive
CaptivesSpilt Milk
CharlatanSucker Punch
Chaser EightPlaying with Fire
CinderFree Fall Junkie
CoopsCrimes Against Creation
CrossfaithSlave Of Chaos
Death by StereoCalifornia Addiction
Death GripsMore Than the Fairy
Dillon Francis feat. Twista & The Rej3ctzAll That
Divine EraI Am You
Far East MovementSo What
fIREHOSEChoose Any Memory
Flipp DineroIf I Tell You
FreedumbGimme a Break
Handy with ShovelsBlowin' Doors
Hey-SmithTrue Yourself
JawbreakerI Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
Kaito ShomaGAZ
Kennyoung작별인사 (FAREWELL)
Knife PartyNo Saint
Latch Key KidsBack In the Day
Less Than JakeLie to Me
Libretto feat. Guilty SimpsonRide to Dat
Little JuniorAccolades
Loser by DefaultTry To Run
Mass-Holerumber jack
MetzHail Taxi
MotosierraTodo va a salir mal
Mr. BradyPicasso
MusithicalAlready Gone
MuteFading Out
Negative ApproachCan't Tell No One
Newgrounds Death RugbyThe World Ends With You
Nova TwinsAthena
Otoboke BeaverS'il vous plait
Pea ShooterJessy
Potato SwimGrip
Satanic SurfersHard To Be Yourself
Scotch WoodcockUnder Pressure
Shattered FaithAlways the Same
Superman's SuicideSk8r's Rights
Teenage BottlerocketTheoretical Reality
The Bare MinimumBitter Pill
The Crease RuleNew Kid
The ExplosionSave Us
The Fall of TroyChain Wallet, Nike Shoes
The HoneyrodsLove Bee
The KodiakHyde Howitzer
The NeedlesSTAY AWAY
This Is A StandoffFive More Minutes
Tiny Meat GangBroke Bitch
Top SecretIt's the Way Ya Like It (Raw Mix)
Two and a Half GirlWorse Days
Upon A Burning BodyLiving for the Weekend
UtopianUnnatural Base Pair
X-STATE RIDEPizza Portrait
YonKaGorPaper Alibis
Create-A- / Re: Custom Bapesta Texture
« Last post by RackCityMike on December 14, 2021, 10:30:52 am »
Those shoes look slick 😎

Hey thanks! I've been doing deck graphics for two weeks and put this on the back burner, but I'll try to finish soon!
Create-A- / Re: Custom Bapesta Texture
« Last post by JaceAngel79 on December 13, 2021, 01:17:47 pm »
Those shoes look slick 😎
Create-A- / Custom Bapesta Texture
« Last post by RackCityMike on November 26, 2021, 12:56:52 am »
I'm almost done with a Bapesta FS-001 texture (as soon as I can figure out the heeltab lol). I'm trying to make a template as I go, if that's something ppl would be interested in having??
Questions & Tutorials / thugpro dead silent most the time
« Last post by Whacks Beans on November 20, 2021, 04:00:14 am »
very rarely i can get sound but i have no idea why. most the time i start the game there is no sound whatsoever.
General THPS(X) / [THUG2] ClownJob'd
« Last post by %.gone. on November 20, 2021, 02:09:45 am »
ClownJob'd THUG2 Version by %.gone.

v1.0 -
v1.1 -
v1.2 -

Included Files
  • ClownJob'd.dll
  • ClownJob'd.ini
  • THUGTWO.exe
  • ReadMe.txt

    Add ClownJob'd.dll and THUGTWO.exe to Tony Hawk's Underground 2\Game directory.
    ClownJob'd.ini needs write permission for storing window positions.
    If the directory your game is installed to is protected, e.g. Program Files (x86), ClownJob'd.ini needs to be located in
    (DRIVE LETTER):\Users\(YOU)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\(GAME DIRECTORY),
    Default GAME DIRECTORY: Program Files (x86)\Activision\Tony Hawk's Underground 2\Game
    Virtualization will write to VirtualStore location leaving you with two copies of the .ini if not moved.

The purpose of this mod is to add some bug fixes and features asked about in the community, all while being self-contained and not making changes to any loose files. Some changes are made to scripts in memory and cfunctions in order for the features to work properly.

  • ShowConsole, enables a console window to display printf's. 
  • LogText, enables logging printf's. Will work with or without the console enabled.
    If both ShowConsole and LogText are disabled in the .ini the printf function isn't hooked.
  • Windowed mode, typical window mode with title bar and doesn't cover the taskbar.
  • BorderlessWindow mode, window mode without a title bar and can cover the taskbar.
  • Custom Resolution, set width and height.
    To use resolution settings from the registry (set by the game launcher), set both Width and Height to -1 in the .ini.
  • Option to store the window position when it's manually moved by the user.
    WindowPositionX and WindowPositionY settings in the .ini.
  • Added the ability to center the window to the display. WindowPositionMode setting in the .ini.
    0 = use WindowPositionX and WindowPositionY, 1 = Center to monitor rectangle, 2 = Center to work area rectangle, 3 = Force position 0,0
    Works with multi monitor setups. If force position, if the coordinates are invalid, or if the .ini values are invalid will use position 0,0 of the primary display.
  • Language toggle, THUG2 supported values 1 = English, 2 = French, 3 = German.
    Any other number and the tool will read the value from the registry, falling back to English if it isn't found in the registry.
  • PS2 Controls, PS2 style controls. setup your controller in the launcher for PC controls.
      Get off board              = L1 / LB
      Alt. get off board       = R1 / RB
      Nollie (Rotate left)     = L2 / LT or (none)
      Switch (Rotate right) = R2 / RT or (none)
    Modifies some global array's in memory for the controls to work properly.
  • CameraLockPlayer1, set which button acts as the camera lock button for player 1.
    Camera Lock control can't be set by the launcher so you can override the control in the .ini.
    Use the launcher to get the button number for the button you wish to act as the camera lock control and set the value in the .ini. Set to 0 to disable this feature.
  • CameraLockPlayer2, set which button acts as the camera lock button for player 2.
    Same as above but for Player 2.
  • Ability to set DropDown button.
    0 = Use defaults, 1 = L1, 2 = R1, 3 = L2, 4 = R2, any other number defaults to 0
  • DisplayIntros, enable intro movies displayed when the game first launches.
  • ScreenMode, 0 = auto; the mod calculates it, 1 = 4:3, 2 = 16:9, 3 = 16:10, 4 = 21:9, 5 = 21:10
  • XInput device support.
    This tool will auto-detect if player1 or player2 controllers are an XInput device that need their triggers split.
    If detected as an XInput device the left and right spin keys will be zeroed out, nothing is needed by the user.
    The application attempts to obtain an index without user input but this isn't always possible.
    Player1, from anywhere in the game, can press A, B, X, Y, DPAD Up, DPAD Down, DPAD Left or DPAD Right.
    If only player1 is an XInput controller, in addition to the controls above, you can use the Guide button (doesn't work on XInput 9.1.0) or L3 + R3 to obtain an index.
    Player2, from the select skater menu, A, B, X, Y, DPAD Up, DPAD Down, DPAD Left or DPAD Right will be checked against input data.
    Player2 always supports the Guide button (doesn't work on XInput 9.1.0) and L3 + R3 from anywhere in the game.
    In the event your controller is linked to the wrong index you can press F8 on the keyboard to clear the stored
    indexes and use one of the methods above to obtain a new index.
  • Vibration support for XInput devices without the need for force feedback drivers to be installed.
  • Ability to disable XInput support.
    Some devices, including but not limited to DS4 v1 controllers, have their device type set as DI8DEVTYPE_1STPERSON preventing them from being used in game since the game, by default, only checks for DI8DEVTYPE_GAMEPAD and DI8DEVTYPE_JOYSTICK.
    DI8DEVTYPE_DRIVING, DI8DEVTYPE_FLIGHT device types are untested.
  • Invert Left stick and Right stick axes for player1.
    By default the camera is inverted on both X and Y axes.
    .ini settings InvertLXPlayer1 = 0, InvertLYPlayer1 = 0, InvertRXPlayer1 = 1, InvertRYPlayer1 = 1
  • Invert Left stick and Right stick axes for player2.
    By default the camera is inverted on both X and Y axes.
    .ini settings InvertLXPlayer2 = 0, InvertLYPlayer2 = 0, InvertRXPlayer2 = 1, InvertRYPlayer2 = 1
  • Large Drive bug fixed, if the drive the game was installed to has free space larger than integer max it would return a negative number.
    Will return (INT_MAX - (UINT16_MAX * 2)) in those cases instead. This corrects a bug found in THUG1 scripts that would add a value to the returned available space.
  • Option to display controller buttons in helper text areas.
    0 = Default keyboard, 1 = PS2 Buttons, 2 = XBOX Buttons, 3 = NGC buttons (ngc buttons haven't been mapped)
    The fonts are missing some stuff and the xbox button font is designed for the duke.
    I made some adjustments so the button lookup stops short of some of the missing items so you'll see some keyboard buttons in menus like create a graphic
    ButtonFontStyle setting in the .ini
  • Option to adjust the spin lag while spinning your skater with the triggers.
    The PC version adds a delay similar to that of spinning your skater with the direction buttons, PS2 doesn't have this delay.
    Set SpinLag setting in the .ini to a value between 0 and 100, 100 is the default for PC.
  • Fixed random track list generation.
    Hooks a few random function calls in the functions responsible for generating the random tracks list.
    This will not change the game engines random functions so all other areas of the game that use random calculations will function as expected.
  • OpenSpy support.
  • Script edits to replace the text GameSpy with OpenSpy also added in loading an OpenSpy logo from memory.
    these modifications can be disabled using NoOpenSpyScripting = 1 in the .ini file.
  • KP enter acts as quick chat in lobby.
  • Quick chat with more text allowed. Not unlimited but increased.
  • Unlimited Scale.
  • Added a setting to disable additional modifications NoAdditionalScriptMods.
    This option wont affect global variables needed for certain features to work properly like PS2 controls or DropDowns.
    This option wont affect OpenSpy scripting code. Disable using NoOpenSpyScripting = 1 in the .ini file.
    This option is more related to the unlimited scale, quick chat with more text allowed and future features requested like scaling the in game chat window.
  • Added special character ® /*alt+0174*/ and © /*alt+0169*/
  • Added Neversoft skater CAS options. Affected by NoAdditionalScriptMods flag.
    IsPs2 CFunction is hooked to return true if the calling script is check_for_neversoft_skaters.
    Change the skater name to one of the aliases associated with a profile found in master_neversoft_skater_list array.
Code: [Select]
  Name              | Alias
  NS TEST SKATER    | nstestskater

  • Fixed an issue where an xinput device would constantly check for an index even if it had a valid index.
  • Fixed taunt rolling ground tricks not being changed to reflect PS2 controls.
  • Fixed a performance issues that would cause strange latency spikes for some users.

Known Issues
  • HUD Scaling may seem a little off in some instances.
  • Sometimes the game crashes when connecting to online or backing out of online game play. Not sure what the cause is.

I'd like to thank anyone and everyone that helped directly or indirectly troubleshoot and/or test during the development of this mod.
Also, anyone that supported and pushed me to stop procrastinating to make this mod possible.
Questions & Tutorials / I need a better decompiler than roq
« Last post by ufo on November 17, 2021, 05:18:32 pm »
Can anyone link me to something similar or better than roq?