Ripping stuff from THAW ( Am I going the right direction?)

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So Iv'e spent the past two days exploring THAW PC with QueenBee and QBexplorer just trying to get a clue on how I could rip images, models etc. and so far I haven't found much. I know if I can somehow get the pre files out of there I'd be very close but I dont see any way. Why is everything in QB scripts? I see a bunch of .col .tex and .mdl files while exploring with QueenBee, which was promising but I have no idea how to actually get them. I guess I still have little knowledge of how THAW works but thats why I would like to learn.

All I'm asking for is a hint in the right direction. Anything helps!

Thank You!!!!!!!!!

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the pak files contain a lot of the files for thaw. all the skater models and cas stuff are all in the models folder though. the skin files are the rigged models such as cas items and the pro models and pedestrians and such. the levels are in the pak files and are scn files. they have no extension when viewed in queenbee. all scn/skin files have an associated tex file, which has the textures for that file.

however unless you have knowledge on the formats themselves, you wont have any luck getting them
the tpro devs are able to convert the thaw models using tools of theirs. the only other way of getting the thaw models would be to screen rip them, but screen ripping usually doesnt work too good

a bunch of the thaw pros and peds have been ported to thug pro already as custom player models that replace regular models though
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