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Howdy, fellas. I'd introduce myself, but the thread already does that for me! I know, amazing way to start, right? Let's get down to what you're here for: Soundtracks. Unless specified, all of these will be uploaded to MEGA.

There's a grand total of two soundracks now, which is insane? But I wouldn't dare do three. That'd just be too dangerous.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
💿 37 Tracks
HAVE AT YOU! <v1.00>
Easily one of the finer Castlevanias of the series, SotN comes packed with amazing compositions crafted with care, coupled with some arrangements. This link contains the full soundtrack; which includes the CGI-based music, the scrolling intro text theme, Main Menu, the Japanese-Only 'Nocturne' sung by the Sprite Familiar, Game Over theme, the 19-second-long unused 'Silence' song which is actually not radio silence, I've checked, and 'I am the Wind'; plus, the two Saturn-exclusive remixes of Vampire Killer and Bloody Tears, and the superior PSP Credits theme, 'Serenade of Sympathy'. A thing to note with this soundtrack is that some tracks are labeled (L) - this means that these have been expanded for a total of four loops, unlike what the OST provides. In the future, I aim to completely finish this so all feasible tracks become expanded, but for now we'll stick with this release as 1.00.

Cool Boarders 2 <PAL>
💿 12 Tracks
Show me what you've got! <v1.00>
If you're like me, you probably live in Europe. And when you got this game for some reason you were hooked onto it, despite the fact that it didn't age so well. And even then, 2 was the best out of the bunch despite this! In here you'll find all the PAL-region songs used for snowboarding, including the Half-Pipe minigame and the Replay tune - no menu music this time around. If you're the kind of person that likes some quaint Drum n' Bass, this is for you!

That should be that, for what it's worth. Y'know the drill, I'll do more when I feel like doing more, get off my case, etc.

14/10/2018 - Added Cool Boarders 2 PAL OST v1.00
08/10/2018 - Thread's Creation, Added Castlevania: Symphony of the Night OST v1.00
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I'll fill this out... eventually.