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June 29, 2018, 05:28:45 PM
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A permanent 4x limit really sucks for me tbh.

I had some hop tfs I wanted to cap and they needed at least a 5x bp to work well. Now I can't even do them.

Why even limit bp and bs in the first place? I just don't understand. . 

One of the greatest things about this mod was how it allowed for so many possibilities to do crazy transfers and things. How it combined the best of the physics from each game into one. Why would you start limiting that?

So many nice things were added in this update and I give you guys props for working so hard. It's just that this virtually ruins the hop vid I wanted to do because so many of the setups require at least 5-6x bps, and I was really enjoying working on that. Can we please just at least have an option to disable the limit?

Even besides the hops I wanted to cap, removing the ability to get high bps severely limits the possibilities for transfers in general. Don't take that away from the players, please.

EDIT: It seems like a fair amount of players enjoy having the limit and you guys implemented it for a reason, I won't ask to have it changed back, but is there anyway it could become toggleable at some point? Please consider it.
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I support a toggle function. I don't think that a limit on either of these things is necessary.

I actually made an account just to ask about this. At the very least. could we get a setting in the host options to disable the limits? Airshuffling especially was fun.

I agree with the idea of a toggle.
However it was also understandable why they limited it as well.

Would it be possible to disable the limit with a script mod? That could be an option for freeskate or LAN players at least.

a toggle option sounds like it would be a good addition, I enjoyed flying around the maps with low grav air shuffling everywhere
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This 100%. Funny game mechanics whether intentional or not can be fun and hilarious as well as a test of skill. We have options for such things already to a degree. Infinite Butt/boost/shuffle would be great to have have back.

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it aint coming back coon. some of the devs dont play tpro the way provers do

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