The possibilities of getting the Pro Skater Franchise remastered/rebooted...

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I know. I know. Everyone has been begging Tony to remaster the series, and he answered the fans by telling them that the name is owned by Activision, and that the only way we can get a remaster is if he can find a publisher/ developer similar to Robomodo or Neversoft.

I get why people want to see a remaster. The game itself is a masterpiece when it comes to sports games; especially skateboarding. But with all honesty, remasters for this franchise are pretty slim, and the only way to get a remaster/reboot is to:

- repurchase the music licenses to all the songs in the series (THUG, THPS, THAW, etc. had unique songs with contracts that have expired by now OR maybe create a new playlist that has the same genre to the previous ones)

- Find a publisher to greenlight the project (Activision or someone with enough brain on skateboarding seeing as how they're too busy milking the CoD series...)

- Find a developer to work on the game (OTHER THAN ROBOMODO- thank God they're defunct)

- Pro Skaters to re-offer their likeness to the game (or anyone else; not that I have a problem with the previous pros)

- A new concept/plot (if the game is a reboot to the franchise; something close to the whole WDT or the story in THAW/ something similar to Shawn White's Skateboarding plot)

- A setting to take place in (if the game is a reboot; a huge world to thrash and skate around in or multiple cities like in THUG 1 & 2)

- Better emphasis on Character creation ( similar to THUG 1,2, and THAW with the addition to customization in THP8 and THPG)

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I think there is a slight chance that ATVI might do something for the 20th Anniversary of Pro Skater 1's release next year. However, my guess is it would most likely have to be called something else because Hawk is no longer working with them, contract is up and over, and I don't see how he would let them use his name unless the price was right.

I believe there will be more games made by Tony, but not with Activision and not with Robomodo (for obvious reasons). The last any sort of inkling that he gave on something he could be working on was a VR Title. Which further takes us away from the arcade style goodness that so many of us love about the THPS series. In my mind the future of this series rests with mods: namely THUGPro. Custom Level creators, like Sattan and Skater1014 and many others, are putting out quality original levels- I could see this eventually leading to a brand new "title" with select levels made by the community included. This is, of course, all speculation on my part- but this concept seems more realistic to me than another remastered title (we already got THPSHD as a remaster) for any of these games.

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As much as I would love this to happen, I don't have faith that it will be handled well anymore. I've been burned too many times and THPS5 was the final straw for me.
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