THUG2 Black Screen On Lip

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Hello, I was wondering if any one of you experienced this weird glitch. Here's the steps to replicate it:
  • Start Freeskate on any level
  • Get off your board and create a custom restart point
  • Start skating and do a lip
  • Meanwhile lipping, pause the game and goto restart
  • Boom, the game is now a black screen and the only thing you see is the UI. Sometimes you can get on your board inmediately and the trick chain will come up, but if you move an inch in any direction then you can't move. Also the framerate sometimes it goes to hell
  • If you want to get out you could try goto restart again or start a high score run and end it.

I've tested this on vanilla THUG2, THUGPRO, THUG2(PS2) and THUG2R(PSP). On PC it's doing the thing I've described here, on PS2 the console will freeze and music will start looping and on PSP also it freezes and after a while the console will reboot itself. Any technical thoughts on why this is happening?

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No idea, all I know is the blank screen thing is on multiple TH games from THPS3 all the way to THPG (lastgen).
I think it's probably a way of the game handling crazy physics or something as when you're in the blank screen & you jump, the game will warp you to either a ladder or a natas spin node (camera will still be blank).
And there's even a bug in the Gamecube (& I think also PS2) version of THUG1 where if you acid drop over & over very rapidly in the same spot, your skater will stretch & then sometimes you'll be put in the blank screen & the game will get corrupted (sound, level textures, etc.) when going to a restart after.
Very weird bug.