New Blender Plugin (io_thps_scene)

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Hey, for those who don't follow the Discord chat, here is the master post for io_thps_scene, the new Blender plugin for exporting custom levels, models and skins for THUG1/2/Pro.

Current version: 1.1 (July 7, 2018)
Download/User Guide
View on GitHub

Based on the last public release of io_thug_tools by asdf, this plugin includes many bug fixes, expanded import/export options, support for the custom level format used in THUG Pro, easier scripting, an integrated bake tool, and much more! Here is a brief overview of what's new:
  • Added tons of missing object properties and node types - the vast majority of object/nodes are fully handled directly in the plugin, without the need for 'node expansion' blocks
  • Added presets! Most nodes can be inserted through the new presets menu
  • Fully automated lightmap baking! Easily bake lighting or ambient occlusion to your level/model/skin! (only supported on new versions of THUG PRO/Underground+)
  • Expanded scene import options - including THPS1-4, THUG1, and Custom parks!
  • Totally revamped object/node scripting, using an all-new template system that gives you more built-in TriggerScripts
  • Improved export options, much faster exporting and support for the new custom level format in THUG PRO
  • Added previously missing settings when working with materials/textures
  • Added support for using separate scene/collision mesh
  • Improved rendering of rail/waypoint paths in the viewport
  • New utility functions, allowing you to run a variety of actions on your entire scene to speed up the build process
  • Many, many bug fixes!

You can also follow my custom levels page on THArchive which has a couple examples of some of the new features. School II+ shows lightmap baking in action along with the undocumented water effect that first made an appearance in the THUG Pro update.

If you have any questions/ideas, feel free to post them here! If you would like to report a bug, entering an issue on GitHub would be ideal. Thanks!

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Really excellent if thanks to this ingenious witchcraft, we can insert modules of thps4, THUG1 and 2 levels. Should we have underground +? I tried to add elements from these three levels via the thug tools tab in blender (2.7.9b) but can't find anything. Do you know where the problem could come from? (I don't know how to insert a screenshot to show you). thank you