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November 13, 2019, 05:27:47 PM
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This is a THUG Pro script mod that I've had released on Discord & Youtube for quite a while now, I figured I'd make a forum thread for it since the newest links on Discord can get buried.
For people that don't know what this is, it just adds a submenu to the pause menu that has a bunch of different scripts that mess with the game (cannot be used online).
It's just like those old THUG2 PC mods back in the day that had menus like that.

Menu Features

- Toggles

   Disable/Enable OOB Areas
   Self explanitory, you won't respawn when going to an OOB area if you disable them.

   Heavily raises the overall speed limit and makes it easier to speed up.

   Opposite of superspeed, makes it impossible to go at a decent speed.

   Go as high as you want while holding ollie/jump, kinda works like a fly mode.

   Broken Skater Anims/State
   Puts your skater into a glitchy always on-ground state (enabling quick bails with this is recommended so you don't get stuck in a bail).

   Flickering Skater
   Causes the skater to flicker extremely fast causing a cool slowmo effect.

   Music/Ambience Stutter
   Messes around with the music/level ambience because why not?

   Board Beats
   Press focus to play some sick beats with your board!

   Goofy Bails
   Turns your skater model into a bouncy object while bailing.

   Quick Bails
   Instantly resets your skater's state back to default as soon as you bail.

   Bail Loops
   Makes you bail over & over.

- Level Stuff
   Includes various level-related options & gives you the ability to merge/be in more than one level at the same time.
   Note: Some level merge combinations may crash/hang but most should work, also, the level you start in won't have working rail nodes or level options after merging.

- Board Stuff
   Various board related things including getting rid of your board like in THUG1/THAW.

- Vehicle Menu
   Allows the use of vehicles in any level, includes a few custom ones scripted by me.

- Ammo Menu
   A list of THUG2 story mode projectiles that you can choose from (gives you 25).

- Animation Menu
   Allows you to choose from a list of some animations for your skater to play. There are also looping anims, freakout anims, and imported anims from THUG2 Remix (anims imported by me from my legal copy of the game).

- Camera Menu
   Has multiple cameras that you can choose from, non-timed cameras can be deactivated with R1/the alt. get off board button.

- Speed Menu
   Allows you to change the speed of the whole game.

- Player Color Menu
   Has many options that alter the player/skater colors (not an alternative to CAS color options, will reset when going back to the main menu).

- Size Menu
   Has many options that alter the player/skater size (not an alternative to CAS scaling, will reset when going back to the main menu).

- Moving Menu
   Drags or rotates your skater in any direction you want.
   Note: Once you start getting dragged, you can't cancel it unless you hit the "Stop All Moving Scripts" option, even changing levels won't work, may crash if you go way too far with this in certain levels.

- Lighting Tool
   Brought over from the THUG2 Debug Menu, has weird controls.

- Launch Story Mode & Classic Mode
   Simple scripts that changes the gamemodes to either story or classic & brings you to their respective 1st levels (Training in Story, Barcelona in Classic).
   Note: Classic mode will crash if the run ends & certain levels will crash on load. Levels with goal attack goals will work.
             Story mode has missing dialogue text & no goal & text message menus but it's a bit more stable than classic mode, (not recommended to play through, play vanilla THUG2 for that instead).

- Height Options
   "Remove Height Limit" sets the height limit to an extremely high number to where you'll most likely never hit the limit, skydive away.
   "Disable Height" sets the height limit to 0, basically disables collision in the air.
   "Reset Height Limit" disables the other options/resets everything back to default.

- Force Instant Bail
   Forces you to bail instantly, you'll get stuck if you select this while doing a lip trick.

- Eject Skater From Board
   Counts down from 3 & then turns your skater model into a bouncy object for a few seconds.

- Unpause Skater Only
   Unpauses only the skater, basically freezes time, even the camera stays frozen.

- Unpause Game (Keep Menu Open)
   Self explanitory.

- Set/Goto Permanent Restart
   This is basically set/goto restart but the restart you set will never be deleted unless you close the game.
   Note: The normal version in the THUGPro options menu & quick menu will still work as normal and will actually sync up with this one once you set a restart.

(Old & outdated but it does show off some of the features.)

Last updated on: 11-13-19
Compatible with: THUG Pro

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