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This might seem like a stretch, but is it possible for someone to import park editor pieces from past tony hawk games.i can make a list of possible pieces that can be added, if it'll make things easier.

Edit: here's a list of pieces i came up with.

*Low Hump

*Spine Box

*Wall Box

*Pyramid Box

*Sub Halfpipe

*Tokyo Mega

*S Bowl


*SI MultiStep

*SI Wall Box

*Toilet QP

*Alcatraz Pool

*Clover Bowl

*Mega Rollin

*SF Comp Box

*SF QP Rail Transfer

*EMB Stage

*Alcatraz Bleachers

*Tokyo Box

*AP Walkway

*VC Planter 1-3

*Flagpole Fountain

I have more pieces from non-Tony Hawk games, but that could be put in another list
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