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November 23, 2015, 11:40:35 AM
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There's few games I've ever wanted more, that I've actually had higher hopes for, on account of my previous experiences with the series.

I admit, the last game in the series I tried was Underground 2 (which I loved), I missed out on American Wasteland, and the later games.

There's fewer games I've -wanted- to be both successful and thrilling to play than THPS, as I want to be lured back into skating games.
They're different, fun and something else all together than the shooters / sports games / rpgs I normally like.  (especially rpgs).

My first experience having downloaded it and booted it up however ...was being kind of underwhelmed, I honestly expected a bigger budget game, or at least....
something that looks like it belongs on a next-gen system.
But then again, graphics aren't everything ,right?  Though I admit it isn't ,and that gameplay -far- outstrips graphics in importance, this "blow"
had already made me a bit wary about how the rest of the game would play out.

First thing I -really- wanted to get my hands into, the tutorial, actually playing the game, trying stuff out...
Does it play at least a little bit like the original classics (if it hadn't, if I hadn't reckognized the game as "Tony Hawk" I would've been completely heartbroken)  luckily? I wasn't.
It DOES play like Tony Hawk,  if you remember how to grind, and do handstands in the originals,  you'll soon get into things, which is awesome :D

Lots of things have been said about the new SLAM moves, some like, some don't,  I honestly didn't mind something new, I half expected it. And though it's not something I use all the time in my playstyle, I enjoy having the choice to use it.

Unfortunatly, my next discovery was one I .....was really really ....disappointed/upset about/depressed over .
Character creation, or lack thereof.
In previous games, we've been able to enjoy playing a great group of pro skaters,  yet for many, including me, the number one best feature is "Create a Skater"
Tony Hawk Underground and Underground 2 were amazing here, allowing lots of choices, not just on creating the skater's appearance, but skating -style- (borrowing from the pro skaters)

THPS 5 have more or less omitted/removed it's now "Customize Skater" , putting points into already existing pro skaters skills.
This is by far the one thing I -hate- the most about THPS 5, and the one feature I wanted the most.
The one feature that would've made it easy to forget about the game's other shortcomings. The one feature, I -hope- (but guess they won't)  will add in the future.

The actual skating is fun, the create a park, something I really do enjoy.
This game really really would've deserved a  proper budget (guess that may have been harder to achieve..I know) , a proper presentation, graphics, features, and playtesting ..'cause, there are bugs.

:(  Thumbs down from me, and I'm really really really wished that wasn't so.

*disappointed fan

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