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I usually lurk around this site to keep up on THUGPRO, but I wanted to reply to this thread. Good job, you made me finally participate in this community.

You remind me a lot of how I was when I was your age (maybe 5-10 years younger, same difference). Designing a video game on paper with no actual experience in having made a game was a magical time. I guess I'm presuming how much game development experience you have as well. Sorry about that. Anyways, I actually "designed" a skateboarding mmo/chatroom game where you could have a house and make parks and design your own boards and make clothing for your character in the game and it would have super cool music and...

Looking back it was a mess but I was super stoked on it. "how to make a good game easy" is probably in my old google searches multiple hundreds of times. It didn't help that my friend lied to me all the time about how he made a game similar to it really easy but he'd always forget the website it was on.

That being said, making a Tony Hawk clone is very hard. I've tried it myself but I gave up after I started losing hair due to the stress of trying to figure out all of the crazy vector math going on in the Tony Hawk games. I still keep a notebook to scribble ideas but, because I can't find any resources that talk about the kind of math and logic that drives the Tony Hawk games, I feel like nothing I think of will work the way I want it to (that being, like the originals). That doesn't mean you should give up, if you try your hardest you might make a game that's not half bad for a beginners attempt. If you want to make awesome games you've gotta start somewhere, and I'll never knock someone for that.


Also for the love of god don't put your pony OC in the game, you'll thank me later

Well thank you, and yea I don't have much game experience, I have made a work in progress game, but its nothing much, tbh its absolut s**t, and yea, im not going to, it was a brainstorm, read respone above to know why

Just to put this out there their engine has always been a custom one and what you refer to as renderware was only a pc port that happen to use files from a renderware engine.
Their math is common matrix / quaternion / vector arithmetic.

Simply using c++ and the directx libraries is what I meant by staying away from a pre built engine like unreal engine.
It's going to take a lot of work either way. Not being able to alter the engine code can lead to undesired results. If the math is wrong in the engine the math will be wrong in your game.

Oh okay, well still, yea I kinda knew it would take alot of work, and I understand that, but id still like to go threw with it

pony and furry skaters would be the zyppah dope. lol

I'm a big skaeboard game fan so this is right up my alley.
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Well, now that the thread got bumped..

I want to know how it's all coming together, Iron Hawk, any progress? :D

Also, i know you already said it was a brainstorm but still, try not to add any sort of pony/furry whatsoever.
Soo you should try 100% flesh and bones humans while at the same time instead of adding the IRL Pro Skaters, try doing fictional characters much like THDJ did, at least that's MY suggestion, idfk.
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pony and furry skaters would be dope. lol
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