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February 16, 2017, 09:28:47 PM
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Hey everyone,

Custom levels are freakin awesome, good job everyone involved!

However, I am not able to export a level correctly using the addon for Blender.

I am on Mac OS X 10.10 and maybe that's why?

I get similar errors when I export to THUG1 or THUG2.

Also what I get in the end for output doesn't look right according to the tutorial video.

Any ideas?

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Did you link the "thug_tools" folder in the blender settings?
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I didn't have it linked, so I did so and now am getting a similar but new set of errors.

Here is what I got for file output:

Also, here is a link to what I got for output if that is easier to look at:

and the export log:
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset obj list: 96
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset verts: 96
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset intensities: 192
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset faces: 200
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset thug2 thing: 320
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  offset nodes: 332
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  writing material: _THUG_DEFAULT_MATERIAL_
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  writing material: Material
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  exporting object: <bpy_struct, Object("Cube")>
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  making shading for <bpy_struct, Object("Cube")>
11:28:13 [DEBUG]  the checksum is 3472969287

If anybody else has gotten this to work on Mac I would love your input!

Thanks again, sk8ace! I quiver in your omniscience!

Also btw I am using the thug addon tools v5 even tho there was also one not named v5 in that zip

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Updated Blender Python Script by asdf!BRZB2TqL!0Tz0Rmio1RZwe6qwZmsc5XbRacg_uyubvMXX5BglAos

Reinstall the plugin with this updated version and re link to the V5 thug_tools.

Also, start with an empty level with only a plane.

The larger objects need to be "auto split" before exporting to thug2 or you'll get some weird errors. Autosplit is in the thug tools tab when you select an object.

I reinstalled with the plugin linked to thug_tools and just have a one object plane roughly size of grid, I also selected that autosplit feature.  Sorry for being a pain in the ass and I appreciate the help.

export like this:
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  Skipping Plane, it has 1 polys
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  Exporting object: Plane
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset obj list: 96
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset verts: 96
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset intensities: 144
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset faces: 148
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset thug2 thing: 168
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  C: 2
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  offset nodes: 172
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  writing material: _THUG_DEFAULT_MATERIAL_
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  writing material: Material
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  exporting object: <bpy_struct, Object("Plane")>
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  making shading for <bpy_struct, Object("Plane")>
20:53:51 [DEBUG]  the checksum is 1045222015

Should it say "Skipping plane"? as the first line?

let me know if any of this is helping you help me or not.

and if it is a lost cause, then so be it.

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You should come on the Discord server. The guy that created the plugin is there and can offer more help. I really don't know what else you can try so best to ask him directly.

eh... I've had some pretty bad times in that discord.

Mods are dicks

I give up

If anyone knows how to get this running right on mac reply but since there's only like 12 active members here and no one replied yet I guess I'm stuck for now.

Thanks for all your help!


I don't think this plugin will work on Mac due to the fact that the script compiler is a Windows program.

If you were the twat asking about THPS3 engine and why anyone would ever play such a game then you were treated accordingly.
Otherwise, users/moderators/admins of the discord will answer you in a clear and concise manner.
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as for the discord....
idk I mean what can they tell me there that they can't tell me here?

Except in the discord they can GANG up on me in real time....

No thanks! ;)

And just for the record of anyone looking at this in the future...

%.gone. makes it sound like I was harping on THPS3, which I totally wasn't.

I was asking why specifically level mod was so popular when there is THUGPRO.
AHA, I thought to myself, if there is such a huge buzz around LEVEL MOD from the DEVS then it must be better than THUGPRO. right?

These dudes made something I like (THUGPRO) so I respect their opinions about vgs.

So in asking I am thinking well, it must be the game engine/ mechanics that makes LEVEL MOD so damn special and fun.

But it kinda doesn't make sense that it's such an old engine and lacks modern THPS controls such as SPINE TRANSFER, flatland tricks, the kickflip to indy, stalls, all that cool stuff.

So I decide who better to ask than the discordios aka devs i am assuming since who the fuck else hangs out there???

Wondering what makes it so popular and if it is worth the effort to figure out how to get it running on Mac OS X I ask these dudes and you know what they tell me the reason is that people play LEVEL MOD as opposed to THUGPRO?

Go ahead and guess...

The "clear and concise" ones informed me that people like LEVEL MOD because of it using the THPS3 engine.


yeah, dawg, no shit.  that's why I came to ask you dudes what's up with it because like, why? just why? is it that people don't like spine transfers?  or they do like the feel of grinding and manuals in THPS3/2 better than 4 and on?

I really can't tell you because instead of getting any kind of "clear and concise" answer, they just went on and on about how they told me already. it's THPS3. end of discussion. that's why ppl like it.....



and I guess we will never know unless we go and play it ourselves, but if it is populated by that group of minds then I surely will not enjoy the experience.

If I take it from your side....
you are running a mod of THUG2 that is perhaps the coolest Tony Hawk related GAME EVER!

I do not say that lightly, all together and overall this is it.  in my eyes, this is the package to appeal to everyone who played the old games and it runs light weight enough on a ton of systems. AND THE ONLINE!  GENIUS!  And props to the ones who donate and etc to run OPENSPY server.

It's beautiful!

Anyways, if I was you guys and I'm trying to sell my product and grow my brand, I'm not gonna treat the user/customer/fanbase like they are fucking wasting my time.

That will ensure that nobody returns or inquires or downloads or uses anything.

SO ok if in your eyes you are right, which you aren't, but lets assume you were,  you still suck at the people skills of it. 

And you are never going to get off the ground like that.

Obviously this isn't your only project and I'm sure it is a team who run their fingers thru multiple pies, I get it.  Still no reason to tell me like 5 times that people play LEVEL MOD because of THPS3 and when I say why you say THPS3 you frustrator, why are you frustrating us?

This is obviously way out of hand and you have the freedom to do whatever you want with this post like hide it or delete it etc, you run the site.

My point is that, while you might own and run this shit, it doesn't matter if no one comes here and uses it.

And go take a look at the uploaded parks and see that 90% of this years parks are made by me.

You guys fuckin wasted an awesome opportunity with this mod and I wouldn't even be surprised to find out that you guys don't love it like I do.

Do you come home from work every day and make parks for 6 hours?
Probably not.

Do you dissociate into THUGPRO CAPS?
I bet you don't even know what that means dog...

If anything at all you probably drop in to a few online games do your same stupid combo on EAST LA that you do over and over and over you robots with no souls.

It fucking blows my mind that this amazing shit was found for creating levels with blender and the like and there's what like 12 uploaded parks?

Probably because nobody is here because everyone who runs this site, game, and servers is a complete cock hole who thinks they are literally upperclassmen who can treat you like trash.

I know every dude I know played THPS games and would go apeshit over this if they knew how easy it was to setup and play etc but the thing that makes it HARD to get into is YOU GUYS!

Thanks for creating something awesome and a sarcastic thanks for being so unbearable that you literally might as well not even have created it.

bye forever,
enjoy my parks
Good try guys, you almost did it

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THPS123Dude - 01/30/2017
yeas but to an outsider like me it is odd that they prefer that one as opposed to say 2 or 4
and you seem to be dodging around my question
why 3
is so popular?

This was your main question. The answers that you received did not pacify you, so you kept nagging for other answers instead. It wasn't until someone said that THPS3 is easier to modify were you satisfied with why people still play that game. That's still not the reason but you were so excited to receive an answer that made sense to you that you didn't care.

The developers of THUGPro are morten quazz and gone. Become more involved with the mod you're playing before you go on a tyrant and look ill-informed.

If you have a problem with how you were treated in discord then you need to re-evaluate how you were acting.

This is how you ended it
Code: [Select]
THPS123Dude - 01/30/2017
i see
that makes more sense
you fucks are lazy
that makes most sense
Bye forever
« Last Edit: February 22, 2017, 12:13:22 AM by Krad »

As a matter of fact, twat!

Quote from: THPS123Dude - 01/30/2017
so im new what's the big deal with LevelMod vs THUGPRO aka why play LevelMod when I have THUGPRO?
Quote from: WhoElseButMe - 01/30/2017
Th3 engine

Can't get more concise than that, but that wasn't good enough of an answer for you.

Quote from: THPS123Dude - 01/30/2017
yeah but so what no spine transfers?
sounds bad
Quote from: WhoElseButMe - 01/30/2017
then dont use it, you asked what is the difference
thugpro = more levels
thugpro = more options
many people like th3 and that's perfectly fine
Quote from: THPS123Dude - 01/30/2017
yeas but to an outsider like me it is odd that they prefer that one as opposed to say 2 or 4
and you seem to be dodging around my question

Your question was answered, but not to your liking and this is where you blew up.

I can't prevent you from going off on a tangent nor can I prevent your inability to look at yourself objectively without first pointing blame.
What I can prevent is ever helping you again.
What you fail to realize, because you ask a question doesn't mean you're warranted a response.
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