[THPS3] (Windows 10) Minor Issue

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(Also posted this on Thmods.)

I noticed that THPS3 seems to always run in a borderless window when in fullscreen.

Ever since I got Windows 10 when it first came out, I noticed that THPS3 was running a bit choppy as in, it still runs at 60FPS but doesn't look smooth at all. I also noticed that there's absolutely no screen tearing at all when I had minor screen tearing (but the game ran pretty smooth) on previous OS's such as Windows 7 & XP.

So I decided to look up the choppyness issue and apparently Windows 10 forces v-sync (via DWM.exe) on games that run either in windowed mode or borderless fullscreen mode and the only workaround is to run the game in exclusive fullscreen mode.
The issue is that THPS3 doesn't run in exclusive fullscreen so my questions are:

1. Is it possible to make THPS3 run in exclusive fullscreen on Windows 10?
2. Is it possible to disable v-sync in games like THPS3 on Windows 10?
(Trust me, I've tried pretty much everything to disable v-sync in THPS3 and nothing seems to be working.)