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hellooooo some of you might recognize my name from the old ps2 days
I went to look at some old thps videos recently and was surprised to see there are still people from the old community playing this mod. cool  8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

I'm going to download it when I'm bored enough. I only have an xbox controller rn but whatever

it's been several years-- how's everybody been? I miss you guys and I want to play with some of my old friends  ;D ;D hmu on discord glue#5357

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I sure recognize ur name from old tlt forum.
Welcome back and cya in da games!

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  • Howdy.
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Howdy and welcome! I don't recognize your name, but there were so many of us that played during that era!

Glad you found our little corner of the community- hope to see ya around!

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It's good to see you back, ego.

I hope to see you on sometime.