"Get Reshade working with THUG Pro" tutorial doesn't work

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I've been scoruing the internet of any trace of my issue, even posting on Reddit where - for the first time in my life - I got no responses.  Here's my issue:

For context, I'm following this tutorial:


While I was following the ENBinjector method, I realized that Step 11 can't be completed because "d3d9.ini" doesn't get created when installing ReShade.  Then I noticed that this tutorial used an older version of ReShade.  It says "ReShade_Setup_3.1.1.exe" however the latest version is 4.5.4.  I tracked down the old version and was able to complete the tutorial.  Despite me doing everything exactly like the tutorial said, it didn't work for me.  No ReShade.

I scrolled through the comments seeing if anyone else was having my issue - no one did, however one comment said that ENBinjector is no longer needed and all you need to do is "install the latest version of ReShade then go to your THUGPro folder & rename ReShade's "d3d9.dll" to "d3d11.dll"".  This didn't work for me either.

The only Google search results for "THUG Pro Reshade" are two tutorials which is one copy-pasted to two sites, and the Reddit thread I opened about my issue.  No information exists on the internet about these methods not working.  To be absolutely sure it wasn't an issue on my end, I completely reinstalled THUG Pro and did the tutorial from the beginning - no luck.  ReShade does indeed work with every other game and program I have installed on my computer, so the issue is confirmed to either be with ReShade, THUG Pro, or the tutorial.  Popular THUG Pro players like Byxor use ReShade with THUG Pro all the time, so it's possible but not for me.

Reddit seems uninterested in helping me, so maybe someone here can?