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New Blender Plugin (io_thps_scene)

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July 25, 2018, 11:23:29 PM
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Hey, for those who don't follow the Discord chat, here is the master post for io_thps_scene, the new Blender plugin for exporting custom levels, models and skins for THUG1/2/Pro.

Current version: 1.1 (July 7, 2018)
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Based on the last public release of io_thug_tools by asdf, this plugin includes many bug fixes, expanded import/export options, support for the custom level format used in THUG Pro, easier scripting, an integrated bake tool, and much more! Here is a brief overview of what's new:
  • Added tons of missing object properties and node types - the vast majority of object/nodes are fully handled directly in the plugin, without the need for 'node expansion' blocks
  • Added presets! Most nodes can be inserted through the new presets menu
  • Fully automated lightmap baking! Easily bake lighting or ambient occlusion to your level/model/skin! (only supported on new versions of THUG PRO/Underground+)
  • Expanded scene import options - including THPS1-4, THUG1, and Custom parks!
  • Totally revamped object/node scripting, using an all-new template system that gives you more built-in TriggerScripts
  • Improved export options, much faster exporting and support for the new custom level format in THUG PRO
  • Added previously missing settings when working with materials/textures
  • Added support for using separate scene/collision mesh
  • Improved rendering of rail/waypoint paths in the viewport
  • New utility functions, allowing you to run a variety of actions on your entire scene to speed up the build process
  • Many, many bug fixes!

You can also follow my custom levels page on THArchive which has a couple examples of some of the new features. School II+ shows lightmap baking in action along with the undocumented water effect that first made an appearance in the THUG Pro update.

If you have any questions/ideas, feel free to post them here! If you would like to report a bug, entering an issue on GitHub would be ideal. Thanks!

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