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So I figured I'd make a clan for stoners who are die hard tony hawk fans, it's meant to be a chill clan where
we can freeskate & talk about our stoner life styles, strains, grow setups, preferred ways to get stoned etc.

Anyone can Join as long as you're a stoner, your skill level doesn't matter all that matters is chillin with
stoners alike and having a good time. Player names must have "SFS |" at the end of their name once
you've joined (for an example I go by D3LTANiN3 so since I'm part of the clan it would be D3LTANiN3 | SFS)

I've set up a Facebook page for the Clan where we can communicate better & share photos of our screenshots,
mods, bud, glass pieces, plants etc.

Once we have enough members I will be implementing a password for our Games, which will be posted in the
Group on Facebook.

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