[SOLVED] PC Thug 2 .tex.xbx models image have more than one textures i need Help

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Hello Thug Gamers
hmm very intresting  have a question, a very important one.
how can I import multiple (more than one) texture files into one tex file again at thug 2?
Here is my problem,if I convert my model: "Board_default.tex with tool TEX2DDS" , I get 4 texture images.dds or tga, ok, that is not a big problem, I can change that with photoshop or gimp.

But the big problem is how can I repack the file so that the 4 textures are in one .tex data again?

because if I use the tool "DDS2TEX" I can only select one file .dds or .tga and then it will only change the first texture image, so only one texture is changed, and removes the second and third textures.

please help me, what I can do? what tool can I use?
Best regards Tanerseto
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