[Screenshots] I just made some for your silly background.

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Aaanndd hello again-

It's just some screen shots what I did by skating around. Kinda gives me idea to film something like "Skate Video". I kinda looked into game files... so, yes- Every screenshot is in Game Version and Photoshop rendered in 1080p (1920x1080). I hope you will like this SHYT- Btw, to veiw full sized or just download image click on image that you like. For another screenshots, I can post a tutorial or just I'll do it for you, just ask me, it won't bother me...


0_01_Vans Park (game)

0-01-Vans-Park" border="0

0_02_Minneapolis (game - idk if the name is written right)

0-02-Minneapolis" border="0

0_03_Manhattan (game)

0-03-Manhattan" border="0

0_04_Kona (game)

0-04-Kona" border="0

0_05_New Jersey (game)

0-05-New-Jersey" border="0

0_06_Skate Island (game)

0-06-Skate-Island" border="0

0_07_School II (game)

0-07-Shool-II" border="0

0_08_missing file
missing file

0_09_NYC Park (game)

0-09-NYC-Park" border="0

0_10_New York (game)

0-10-New-York" border="0

0_11_Skatestreet (game)

0-11-Skatestreet" border="0

0_12_Downhill (game)

0-12-Downhill" border="0

0_13_East LA (game)

0-13-East-LA" border="0

0_14_Warhouse (game)

0-14-Warhouse" border="0


1_01_Vans Park (render)

1-01-Vans-Park" border="0

1_02_Minneapolis (render)

1-02-Minneapolis" border="0

1_03_Manhattan (render)

1-03-Manhattan" border="0

1_04_Kona (render)

1-04-Kona" border="0

1_05_New Jersey (render)

1-05-New-Jersey" border="0

1_06_Skate Island (render)

1-06-Skate-Island" border="0

1_07_School II (render)

1-07-Shool-II" border="0

1_08_missing file
missing file

1_09_NYC Park (render)

1-09-NYC-Park" border="0

1_10_New York (render)

1-10-New-York" border="0

1_11_Skatestreet (render)

1-11-Skatestreet" border="0

1_12_Downhill (render)

1-12-Downhill" border="0

1_13_East LA (render)

1-13-East-LA" border="0

1_14_Warhouse (render)

1-14-Warhouse" border="0
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