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Hi there. My name is Taylor Duncan, I'm 24 years of age on the autism spectrum who's pretty much a lifelong THPS fan (playing every title in the series). I started Alternative Baseball, a non-profit providing an authentic baseball experience for teens and adults with autism and other disabilities to learn physical and social skills for life on and off the baseball diamond. In a lot of communities after graduation, many teens and adults with disabilities don't have available services catered to their individual needs in order to continue their path toward successful independence. For what there is, many services have an age cut-off of 18. We fill that need for them, catering to teens and adults ages 15+.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us rather hard (like many other businesses), so we're looking for other ways to raise funds and came across the idea of having an online gaming tournament... Being a hardcore THPS fan and had played THUGPRO before, it seems to be a no-brainer. I have questions though. What are the legalities? I guess Activision still owns the IP for the game THUGPRO is based on, but where would I even start with this? Who do I talk to? The idea would be for everyone to enter via a monetary donation to our non-profit organization, with some type of other prize (other than cash because of obvious reasons). Has anyone ever tried this before? A tournament or a game-a-thon? Any help is appreciated... Just don't want to get into legal hot water.

BTW I've spoken at a TEDx conference before, check it out: Thank you!