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September 29, 2017, 11:50:16 AM
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Been wondering about this article since around mid-2017 and while it is in the early stages I've just been thinking about what it could possibly be. I know since then Rad Rat also made a video on the matter:

Anyone else been juggling the idea in the air? I've been interested in the future of the series really[/size]

Re: Anyone still thinking of that possible new tony hawk game?

Reply 1 September 29, 2017, 06:31:07 PM
Nah, I believe Activision lost the licence in 2015.

Re: Anyone still thinking of that possible new tony hawk game?

Reply 2 September 30, 2017, 09:19:36 AM
No probally not, even thought evreyone would love a new tony hawk game, its just not going to happen, activison lost there contracting with tony after thps5 was made, and even then, the closest we have ever got to info of a new game, is tony saying he wants to make a new skateboarding game, but with a diffrent company, and that its too soon to talk specifics about it... 

Link to the article:

ngl? fair. sorta thought a lot more would be said about it to a degree w/ it being a while since all of that was posted but in the end i dont kno for sure

I still wonder about it. Knowing Hawk I have a sneaking suspicion this could be a VR Title. I don't think anyone was too pleased with how Ride and Shred turned out but Hawk loves tech and always wanted to push the envelope. The attempt to go back to the series roots with THPS5 was short lived, got a ton of attention, but just didn't deliver nor have any longevity. Would guess this next concept will likely be something completely different.

I am currently learning C# and the .NET framework. And have picked Unity 3D as my engine.

I am going to be creating my own arcade based skating game. Since Activision no longer cares about the Tony Hawk franchise. I will be creating a skate based game in unity 3D maybe four or five years from now. because I am deeply saddened by what THPS5 became (With overwhelmingly negative views because GRAPHICS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS. graphics can suck my left nut. So do not expect amazing graphics.)

The THUG Pro engine is cool and all, but we are working on some old technology that is not supported for new platforms.

And do not expect the game to feature pro skaters at all. Because the name of the game is going to be:

Robot Skitchers.

because when they fall down... sparks go flying everywhere.

Just expect this game to take arcade skating games to a whole new level.

I also can not promise this game will ever see the light of day. but because EA Skate only causes more stress on the gamer, and THPS5 was such a let down for me... I am taking it upon myself to create my own skating game. One that will bring back the "King of the Hill" mode I miss so much.

Oh and don't worry, "Graffiti" and "trick attack" will still be there for the "stylists" and the "high scores" lists. I am making the skating game with the king of the hill mode everyone hates so much because they do not understand how that game mode works.

Don't expect a story mode either.
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Tony Hawk VR seems to be a thing. Dunno how I missed this info when it first came out.

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