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September 23, 2015, 02:13:39 AM
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Alright. I have been one of the many people who have been vocal about the Tony Hawk franchise since I felt it died with THUG 2. THP8 really made me sad. EA's Skate pissed me off too much. But I really see a lot of promise with THPS5. I don't know why but I get this feeling after watching the game play vids of it and I can't help thinking that the TH series might actually get its head out of it's ass and finally create a good game for once.

I already have it Digitally Pre ordered. I am getting all of the extra DLC shit. Every bit of new content being shown for this game so far has already gotten me anxious to play it.

But looking at the majority of youtube videos on THPS5 with people making comments from all different colors in the full spectrum of gamers when it comes to skating games.... WHY ALL THE HATE? This game actually looks like a revival of the onced presumed dead TH Series. I really think THUG PRO struck a nerve with the TH guys and finally we got something that resembles WHAT WE WANT TO PLAY. (Even though I can't play it. I don't have THUG 2 for PC.)

But for once they are bringing back A LOT OF SHIT that has been missing since THP8.

But seriously the amount of negative press I see on youtube is coming from Left field, right field, center stage, and from the peanut gallery. What the fuck is happening? I hear a lot of people giving THPS5 the snub nose while some others are just happy to have it, yet still have some sort of retort for the game. I am fairly certain this game is going to do well and it is finally coming back to the arcade feel I remember. THPSHD sucked but I still bought it regardless. Only to show that I want to see a better TH game. Finally it happened.

Some of the videos I saw had them picking on the "Magnet rails." What? people are fucking stupid. Tony Hawk always had magnet rails. If you held down triangle you'd snap to a rail as long as you were within proximity to it. Saying the game doesn't feel realistic. Fucking TH games were never realistic. (The realistic shit is what brought down the TH series if I remember correctly. It scared the TH Team when EA was talking about their project for a skating game.)

Yeah this sort of got to me but I think everyone will be proven wrong once this game comes out and they shut up and finally play the damn game. I could just be blowing out a bunch of hot air and suddenly next week around this time I will become silent about this game if it trully does suck. But after seeing that much gameplay? I am inclined to say I will give it an 8/10 based off of what I have seen and haven't even played.

I am sure this game will once again get better with each new installment if it can prove to us it knows what we want.
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