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thpsX KOTH League Beta Signups

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September 17, 2015, 07:36:37 PM
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Starting this Sunday the 20th, we will be running a Beta KOTH League on THUGPro. (THPS4 maps, no walk, no BP, no BS, no speed manuals)

This league is to help us get the scoring systems down before THPS5 comes out and then we will have a THPS5 League.

We need at least 6 players willing to play.

I want to get 5 "Sessions" in before next month. A Session = 1 game of KOTH in each THPS4 level. (8 games total per Session) (2 minute long games)

That is a total of 40 games each person has to try to play in a 2 week time period.

If you want to be apart of this, reply with your THUGPro username below and we will get this rolling. We need reliable people to make this work. We'll work out the time schedule that works out for everyone later. We'll explain the scoring system later as well.

1: sk8ace
2: Freddy

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