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General THPS(X) / Re: THPS5 at E3
« on: June 16, 2015, 08:47:44 pm »
Exactly what they are doing.. THPSHD 1.5

General THPS(X) / THPS5 E3 video! Tell us what you think!
« on: June 15, 2015, 08:43:11 pm »

Here is the video from the first look at thps5. Not much new was said but we can see a lot of things hidden in the gameplay.

General THPS(X) / THPS5 at E3
« on: June 11, 2015, 11:03:47 pm »
Tony Hawk will be playing THPS5 live at E3 on Monday. I am excited/nervous.

What do you think it will be like?

Site General / THUGPro Stats list
« on: June 02, 2015, 10:15:31 pm »
Hey guys,

If your room is not showing up in the THUGPro Stats list and you want it to.. You need to forward port 5153 in your router. Then your room with players should show. Post here if it works/does not work. I'd like to be 100% sure this is the fix.


General THPS(X) / Re: Ztreek Atlanta No Manual
« on: May 17, 2015, 09:20:47 pm »
Cool man! Keep them coming!

General THPS(X) / Re: THPS4 V THPS5 What we know so far.
« on: May 08, 2015, 03:27:31 pm »
I think they are still going for the shotgun approach.
"More info will be coming out in the future, and eventually the game will be released, and then everyone will let us know whether we got it right. "

Why wait till after it's released to see if they got it right when they can check with the community right now?

We might have their attention.

If you guys have anything you want too add to the list of things that Should be in the new game, post it here before it's too late. Then we can at least say we tried to help.

General THPS(X) / Re: THPS4 V THPS5 What we know so far.
« on: May 07, 2015, 11:56:58 pm »
Got a response on thps5's FB page:

"Tony Hawk Games: You're right that there are still a lot of unknowns... We JUST announced the game.

There will definitely be more info between now and when the game is released.

It sounds like you're pretty skeptical.
We totally get that, and everyone on the team is working crazy hard to make sure this game lives up to the name THPS.

More info will be coming out in the future, and eventually the game will be released, and then everyone will let us know whether we got it right. "

General THPS(X) / THPS4 V THPS5 What we know so far.
« on: May 07, 2015, 04:26:42 pm »
Released Fall 2002
   Public Lobby Infrastructure
   Host your own 8 player room
   Name your room
   Password your room
   Choose any online name/ Clan tag you desire
   Freeskate  (Not a Game Mode. It?s where you hang out with friends until you decide what to play/do.)
   Public Text Chat
   Set/Go-to skater restarts
   Edit tricks menu
   Observe mode
   First Come First Serve Mode
   Kick/Ban players from room
   Collisions - off by default, can turn on
Skating Mechanics:
   Ollies, Manuals, Grinds
   Spine Transfers
   Drop downs
   Boneless/No Comply
   Special Meter builds up with consecutive tricks and stays maxed until you bail or a game is started/ended. This maximizes scoring potential.
Game Modes:
   Trick Attack
   Combo Mambo
   Score Challenge
   Goal Attack
   King of the Hill
   Capture the Flag
Levels: 9 total
   San Francisco
Create-a -Skater:
   Create your own skater. Hundreds of skater items/combinations (Hats, shirts, pants, shoes, decks, colors..)
   Edit tricks (edit ANY trick mapping. Regular defaults to Special tricks)
   Create your own parks and share with friends

Releasing Fall? 2015
   Matchmaking infrastructure with Instances (can ?turn off?)
   Players per instance - unknown
   Name your instance ? unknown
   Password instance - unknown
   Any name/Clan tag - unknown
   If like THPSHD, Freeskate is a Game mode and not the default starting point when joining rooms.
   Public Chat - unknown/not decided
   Taunts - unknown
   Set/Go-to skater restarts - unknown
   Edit tricks menu ? not in the current build, you have to use ?style cards?
   First Come First Serve mode - unknown
   Kick/Ban players from instance ? unknown
   Collisions ? On by default and cannot be turned off
   You can have ?premade parties? and chat with each other (voice?text?).
   Local multiplayer ? unknown/not decided

Skating Mechanics:
   Ollies, Grinds, Manuals
   Reverts - unknown
   Spine transfers - unknown
   Drop downs - unknown
   Wallride/Wallplant/Wallieplant - unknown
   Boneless/No Comply - unknown
   Quickturn/Power Slide - unknown
   1 or 2 Stackable,  Level-specific Power-ups (Grinding certain power lines give a speed boost in one level.  Another gives you more ?Ramming power?)
?Grind Slamming? Force grinds to start immediately rather than ?floating up and landing in the middle of a rail or overshooting it?
Special Meter builds up with consecutive tricks and is ?Banked? until you activate it with the left bumper. The special meter then decays over time until it runs out. In THPSHD, you could not re-get Special mid-combo.  This hinders scoring potential.
Points system for skater stats and unlocking levels

Game Modes:
   Freeskate ? sounds like THPS4s version of Goal Attack.
   Big Head mode from THPSHD
   ?Hitting targets with dodgeballs?
   Others - unknown
Levels: 9 total
   Hanger remake
   School 2 remake
   Space themed level
   Others - unknown
Create-a -Skater:
   Limited to in-game selections
   Change appearance using Character ?Slots? for head, shirt, bottom
   No trick remapping

   Park Creator with 250+ objects. Sharable with friends.  Similar to past Create-a-Park. ?Multiplayer modes? can be added to the park. Stat points(XP) and Style Cards can be earned in created parks.

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