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Create-A- / Help -Tony Hawk's Soundtrack-
« on: March 13, 2019, 06:53:46 PM »
Can some one help me set up a big soundtrack that uses all the songs that has ever been in a Tony Hawk game? ^w^

BTW I know this may not be a thing that would work :o

Questions & Tutorials / Couldn't open User\manifest_soundtracks.dat?
« on: June 28, 2018, 02:11:07 PM »
My game won't start and this is my error message o.o

"Couldn't open User\manifest_soundtracks.dat?"

Create-A- / Beta Testing the Uploaded Levels
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:58:03 PM »
Hello! this is just a topic I'm making about my Results and Opinions about the new Uploaded Levels here, feel free to try them out yourself as this is mostly just a way to help out people who are picking out maps to download and to help out the Creators with pointing out bugs and problems! :D

[I'm back, Sorry Work and Wildlands have took up a lot of time XD lol]
The Berrics (v.2.0)[by: kramerica]
Pros: From a game as bad as THPS5, This level is really fun as well as you can get a real good combo going here. got some great textures ^w^

Cons: Not a bad thing but this is a small level as it was the "Training Level" for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 in which this level is based off of. The 3D letter on the level seam textureless but that could just be me.

Bugs: You can past through the rails on the ground. there are a few "Graphic Seams".

My Rating:
{Looks: 8}{Fun: 7.4}{Skateable: 9.1}{Overall: 9}
Super Bell Subway (v.2.0)[by: Skater1014]
Pros: This is a fun level that looks great! as well as being a great map to race your friends, If your a fan of The Mall from THPS1 then this is a level for you and a must have level. :3

Cons: It's not really a skateable level as others as there are no vert pipes at all on this level.

Bugs:The rails are not all connected so you may fall off the rail at times. Be careful wallriding at some points on the map(Like in the tunnel) you may clip through the walls. The "Coconut Cafe" is not fully solid as you can jump right through the back wall and fall through the floor. A lot of "Objects" (Rails, Gates, Benches, Boxes, and Etc.) are not solid as you can skate right through them.

My Rating:
{Looks: 9}{Fun: 7.3}{Skateable: 5}{Overall: 7}
GameCube (Mario Kart Double Dash)(v.1.1)[by: ThAEm]
Pros: I really like the GameCube but I never played and THPS game with mine but now with THUG Pro I can play THPS on a GameCube lol. The "custom bowl" on the "Power Button" is a really nice touch and I really enjoy the "Custom Grinding SFX" :3

Cons: it's not truly a flat level and you will find yourself falling in to cracks through out the whole level as it's tough to get a combo going at times.
It's a small level.

Bugs: The Decals are floating off the floor and the sides of the GameCube itself, Sometimes it'll have the "Space" background form Mario Kart: DD and other times it'll have the THUG Pro "Sky" background.

My Rating:
{Looks: 6.5}{Fun: 7}{Skateable: 4.5}{Overall: 5}
Surface Tension Dam (v.1.2)[by: LudiCruz]
Pros: This is one of those rare levels that comes from a FPS but still feels good in 3rd person and the textures are nice as well as it having a really nice setup and location, Grinding the barrels at the start is fun as it makes you switch between the barrels and don't worry as I'm sure the "Red Barrels" don't explode.. I think? o.o lol

Cons: The start is not all that skateable and is very cluttered. After taking the "teleport" from the bottom of the dam and then grinding the rails that lead to the "catwalk"on the dam will knock you off as they are misaligned and will knock you off.

Bugs: none that I can find or know of at this time.

My Rating:
{Looks: 7.8}{Fun: 6.5}{Skateable: 5}{Overall: 7}
Pallet Town (v.1.0)[by: Sattan]
Pros: This was a cute level and it truly feels like it does from the GameBoy and the retro textures are a nice touch as well. :3

Cons: It's a small level and not much to do as well as not being very skateable, there is no backdrop as well as a big "empty" spot of the map that is just a kill spot/out of bounds area.

Bugs: its easy to get stuck in the trees as well as the small pond is buggy and I've fell through the level from it. The "Trees = Death" on this level lol

My Rating:
{Looks: 5}{Fun: 4}{Skateable: 1}{Overall: 3.5}
School 3 (v.1.5)[by: kramerica]
Pros: This is a really fun level, well designed with good textures and great setups for some wicked combo lines.
Side Node: I love the THPSX tag and the THUG Pro decals XD <3

Cons: I don't like dropping out of the sky to start a level unless it's called for but that could just be me.
The textures are good but starts to feel a little repetitive at times as well as having no textures on the "Ramp" that leads to the rooftops, the same for the "Electric Boxes" on the roofs.
The last rail on the roof before it lead to the flag has a small gap so hold the grind button as not to lose your combo.

Bugs: When grinding the pool in the gym, it'll knock you out of grinding and ending your combo.

My Rating:
{Looks: 6.5}{Fun: 7.5}{Skateable: 8}{Overall: 8}
Abandoned (v.0.5)[by: Sattan]
Pros: To start, this is (SO FAR) my fav custom level! but that means I'm going to be harsh on it as I want this to become a Great level and maybe even a THUG Pro Original Level!
The level design and placements of stuff in the main area is great, some of the textures are good as well as having really good combo lines.

Cons: I don't like dropping out of the sky to start a level unless it's called for but that could just be me and you'll find yourself wanting the ability to "Bank Transfer" which you can't do in THUG Pro(Yet!.. maybe)
The outside of the main area on the "Street" feels very empty as well as it just feels like your not to be out here yet, I maybe the only one sadden that the ledge in front of the "Park" before the stairs blocks you from using the plywood ramp and flying in to the main level.
a lot of texture seem to be a "placeholder" or "WIP" textures as well as the low grade bushes(I think they are bushes), there is a big chunk of the map that is missing and is just a kill spot/out of bounds area.

Bugs: You'll find yourself being knocked off the curb on the street a lot when grinding as well as some texture flickering here and there. this is rare but if you grind the ledge with the stone posts and when you hit the post it will send you flying backwards (most likely making you crash before or after sending you flying) this can be fun some times lol

My Rating:
{Looks: 5}{Fun: 7}{Skateable: 8.5}{Overall: 8}
N64 Yoshi Valley (v.1.0)[by: Skater1014]
Pros: The level looks great! the textures are the best, it's a fun level to race your friends and it got some good skate spots. there are no "out of bounds" area so you can free roam where you want.

Cons:The Starting/Finish line is lifted like a curb and will knock you around sometimes and is not grindable as it's not meant to be.
there are no second spawn points(None I can find) so if you fall off the level at any point, your back at the start and this is where the "being allowed out of bounds" is back as you'll fall out of the map. This map is not a skateboarding level. none of the boosters work yet, sadly. The "cut out circles" don't link up so grinding will just lead to you getting spiked into the ground at full speed lol.

Bugs: The "Yoshi Sign" decal flickers in and out, the first bridge is misaligned with the cliff and will knock you back or off the edge sometimes,the second bridge is all gray with no textures. a lot of the rails will knock you off of them making grinding across the map very dangerous if your racing or just don't wanna go back to the start. some of the textures clip in and out. the level legs up at times when you crash. The grass along the track is floating so you can see through the level and at times you can fall through the level at these points.

My Rating:
{Looks: 8}{Fun: 6.5}{Skateable: 2.5}{Overall: 6.5}
Big Donut (v.0.2)[by: Dust Gaming]
Pros: This is a simple level base on Mario Kart 64 battle level, really like when I fall in to the lava it makes a "splash" XD lol
Really hopes Dust Gaming makes the level one big bowl with a small ramps next to the lava so you can try to launch across the lava :3

Cons: Not much to do and feels like a "wip"

Bugs: nothing big, just out of map and clipping through walls.

My Rating:
{Looks: 5}{Fun: 3}{Skateable: 2}{Overall: 2}
Hoffman Factory (v.1.0)[by: Sarge]
Pros: This is a fun and great place to rack up great combos and killer lines. The textures are consistent and I don't mind that it uses N64 textures and I hope to see this added to THUG Pro as a real level and then just a custom level.

Cons: The level is small and can be fully played with in 2 mins mostly because it was a "Training Level" from Matt Hoffman Pro BMX. There is not much to do here other then Vert and Grind but the level does make you wish you can "Bank Transfer" at times to make your combos/lines longer.

Bugs: You can pass underneath the "Long Rail" as well as it sometimes when grinding to the left of the "Long Rail"(facing the wall) you'll clip through/land on top of the rail as there is a small gap between the "Straight Rail" piece and the "Elbow Rail" piece that makes the whole rail.

My Rating:
{Looks: 8}{Fun: 7.8}{Skateable: 9.5}{Overall: 9}
Madtown Skatepark - Rocket Power(v.1.0)[by: tyler]
Pros: I loved the show and when I saw Tony Hawk on the show, I wanted to skate there in THPS! XD
It's very skateable as one would think with the name "Madtown Skatepark"

Cons: The bugs that are on this level make it really hard for me to play it any longer then 10 mins as my eyes start to hurt.

Bugs: There are a lot of bugs with this level, the biggest one is that all of the textures flicker and makes it really hard to play the level(at least for me) In the "Pipe" there is a missing part of the half-pipe as well as if you try and grind the middle of the rail in the "pipe" you can clip out of the map.

My Rating:
{Looks: 0.1}{Fun: 2}{Skateable: 7}{Overall: 4.7}
My Ugly Ass House(v.0.7))[by: Sattan]
Pros: This is a fun level with some really good set ups and lines as well as being pretty big. I really hope to see a more complete version of this level. :3

Cons: I don't like dropping out of the sky to start a level unless it's called for but that could just be me.
This level needs a LOT of Polish! There is nothing on the roof of the house or hidden spot in the trees. The level feels "Not Finished" at times as there is a big chunk of the map that is missing.

Bugs: The "Trees = Death" on this level as well as being next to them lag up the game. A lot of the rails are not a lined/have gaps in them so you'll get knock off the rails.

My Rating:
{Looks: 3.3}{Fun: 6}{Skateable: 7.9}{Overall: 6.9}

[I'll update this as I go through each Level :3]

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