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Whatever / bin
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:04:09 am »
You have no serious interest in judging a competition with us. You asking only looks like you want to showcase being denied, or start some kind of drama if you were to become a judge.

General THPS(X) / Accepting Donations for OpenSpy
« on: January 15, 2017, 11:28:18 pm »
Openspy's server will be renewed next month so if you would like to donate - now would be the time. Donations are not required for OpenSpy's service to continue, I'm going to renew it next month no matter what. But money is always tight and any help is appreciated.

Donations are sent using Please donate to [email protected]

Status: $60 out of $105

Site General / About what happened to the Parks & Skaters UL/DL section
« on: December 24, 2016, 12:50:53 am »
On Dec 18th and into the next morning, a user uploaded about 250 fake .PRK files in the THPSX database. The user also injected meta tag redirect code through the upload system which redirected park files, and the main Park/Skater link to pornographic websites. Once satisfied, the user uploaded a false .SKA file to the skater side.

I'll post the image at the end of this, but the first thing that we did after seeing what happened was locating the IP that was used to upload the files. We cross referenced that with accounts registered on the forum. I'm going to first point out the obvious by saying that the forums, and the skater/parks at the time were completely separate things, and that they did not have any correlation with each other. You previously did not need a forum account to upload files. Theoretically before yesterday, you could have been completely anonymous when uploading a .prk or .ska file.

So the only account that matched the IP address of the user who uploaded the files/redirect codes was Snipe's account. Over the course of conversation with Snipe on Skype he told me that this was not him, that it was not his IP, and that he was not on the site at that time because he had work at 4:30 the next morning. He deleted the one post that tied the ip's together later that day.

The image pretty much shows everything. We see that under the OpenSpy Log Snipe's real IP is The IP belongs to a region in Colombia which is where he's stationed, confirming it's his. The IP used to upload the files is If you view the THPSX log, you can see Snipe was on with his real IP, and that he was on seconds before the uploads started happening.

On the bottom right is a conversation where Snipe says he wasn't even on when the uploads took place. He says he wasn't on "at whatever hour in the night", and then he corrects himself "or morning or afternoon" as if he made a mistake, as if he shouldn't know what time it happened. But to reiterate, he indeed was on exactly when this started to happen, as the IP's show. Not just on around the same time, but when it started.

The access logs, or "THPSX logs" show both ip's are on a linux machine.

There's other circumstantial things that point to Snipe, but I'm pretty convinced with everything here. As a result of what happened, we didn't want Snipe logging into the IRC Peerchat server of OpenSpy where he would have administrative access over all users who connect to OpenSpy. Someone who purposely redirects users to pornographic websites obviously doesn't care for their online safety. I expressed to him that I would have no objection to him still being able to play THUGPro.

Snipe started flooding the THUGPro lobby with fake rooms a day later with anti-thpsx text as the host name. When I asked him about it on Skype he eventually blocked me.

So that's what happened. You'll start to see things returning back to normal. Sk8ace took down the skater/parks section 30 minutes after the last upload took place and has spent a lot of his time bringing it back and making it more secure. If you have any questions or anything feel free to post.

General THPS(X) / THUGPro Update May 2016
« on: May 06, 2016, 06:49:38 am »
An update will be pushed in a couple days.
Here's the Changelog:

thugpro changes

   - Restored taunt shortcuts.
   - Added alternate land anims.
   - Misc park editor changes.
   - Added THAW premade parks.
   - Restored drift toggle option.
   - Fixed Suburbia tree shadow crash.
   - Fixed Skater Island vert revert crash.
   - Improved time-of-day for THAW levels.
   - Addressed issues with the Viewer Mode.
   - Improved Viewer Mode in ParkEditor
   - Fixed viewer related quit game crashing.
   - Fixed bug that would let you skate in observe mode.
   - Fixed skater position bug with obs rejoin option.
   - Improved time-of-day option in freeskate.
   - Improved the set score option in Create-A-Goal.
   - Improved Wallplant / StickerSlap detection.
   - Restored original THUG1 Wallplant animation.
   - New special trick Misty Flip (THPS4)

   - New levels
      - East LA (THAW)
      - Downhill (THP8)

   - Park Editor
      - Added Hell theme
      - Added new pieces
         - Hell QP
         - Hell Spine
         - Cobblestone Floor
         - Hawaii Statue

Questions & Tutorials / Convert PS2 Parks THUG1/THUG2/THAW To THUGPro
« on: January 17, 2016, 08:27:04 pm »
You will need a hex editor and the original THUG2.exe to convert your parks.
This process assumes you have the BASLUS park file. If your file name looks different, go to the bottom before you begin Step 1.

Step 1. Open the park with your hex editor.
Step 2. Hit Control + F and search for the values 0C 89 52 7C. Make sure you select values and not text string.
Step 3. Delete every value that is before 0C 89 52 7C
Step 4. Go to File -> Save as
Step 5. Locate the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Tony Hawk's Underground 2\Game\Data\customparks.
            Save the file as custom1.prk in this directory, and overwrite the previously named file.
Step 6. Launch THUG2.exe
Step 7. Go to Park Editor and load a pre-made park. Load the first pre-made park.
Step 8. Save as your own.

If you used a 3rd party converter to transfer your park to your desktop  or you used GameShark/CodeBreaker/ARMAX, you will need to convert your park into X-Port2 format before you being at Step 1. Download an application called PS2 Save Builder, load your park into the program, and save as X-Port2.

The hex editor I prefer is HxD Hex Editor.
You can download a THUG2.exe here

General THPS(X) / THPS5's Create-A-Park Editor
« on: September 19, 2015, 09:11:46 pm »
Shared the video that displays some pretty cool things on the home page. Could be what that game needs to survive.

If you haven't seen the video, it shows how you and easily float and stack objects.

General THPS(X) / THUGPro Info
« on: August 03, 2015, 11:07:32 pm »
Kyoto (THAW) and Warehouse from THPS3 will be released Tuesday, August 4th.

Expect more soon, but for now enjoy these.

Make sure to give thanks to Morten, Quazz, and Gone for dev work.

General THPS(X) / Did Joshy Tsui confirm offline player split screen?
« on: June 02, 2015, 07:59:53 pm »
In response to a tweet, Josh Tsui may have confirmed that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 will feature an offline mode for split screeners allowing people to finally play against each other on the same machine head to head. A staple among THPS games that was left out in THPSHD.

Josh Tsui soon deleted the tweet shortly after.

I mean if they can just get THUG1 physics, map the PlayStation controls correctly, and have lobby systems like on GameSpy (Mortal Kombat 4 has it too), then that's literally all you would need. THAT'S IT.

Game Informer had the exclusive, can view here

More in-depth read here

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