Top Wing: Mission Express

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I'm requesting OutRight Games to make a new game about Top Wing called "Top Wing: Mission Express".

Remember "PAW Patrol: On a Roll!"? Top Wing is using similar elements compared to the previous game. Since Top Wing: Mission Express is a new game, its game features include free-roam open world exploration, 24 rescue missions, 16 additional minigames (those are not missions, but fun activities the cadets can do there around the island), and collectives (e.g. collecting Tokens around the island).
You play as Swift the blue jay who has the ability to fly anywhere at a fast speed, Penny the penguin who can belly slide to get speed on land and is an expert at diving and swimming underwater (can't fly), Rod the one silly rooster who has the ability to run faster on land by dashing though he can't fly but he can flutter instead by high jumping and slowing down fall, and finally Brody who can travel though all of land, air, and water since he has the ability to fly in the air (plus running on water in combination of flying on the water surface) and dive/swim underwater (other than that he is a good water surface swimmer) also eventually waxsliding on the floor then his favorite is riding the water with his turbo surfboard. Each cadet described here have different abilities. Bea is also playable to be able to manage the cadets' vehicles' design and features such as color, engine types, Road Wing wheel types, modifications (e.g. Signal Light, Puffin Dive, Fire Hose on Splash Wing), etc. The cadets' bedrooms are used to dress up and change the appearance of the cadet, such as giving him/her beach clothes, diving gear, etc.
Each cadet has their own vehicles with turbo: Swift's Flash Wing jet-plane which can fly around and use its talons to grab heavy objects for great high-flying rescues, Penny's Aqua Wing submarine which can travel the undersea and use its grabbing claws to make use of underwater rescues, Rod's Road Wing ATV/car can drive around land at high speeds and can be able to drive in off-road for some good land rescues, and Brody's Splash Wing motorboat that can drive around the water's surface for some water rescues. If a cadet takes a ride on an other cadet's vehicle will be the backup pilot (e.g. Swift takes the Aqua Wing) meaning will share it but he doesn't know that how other features work (e.g. the Mini-Sub Penny knows how to control since and can use that Swift can't use since Swift can't dive underwater himself).

The point of this game is set to help out Big Swirl Island in an open world, playing as any of the 4 cadets with their own vehicles and doing one of the rescue missions. The gameplay is great for kids of all ages to enjoy!

What do you think of this new game? You can contact OutRight Games about this or eventually I can contact OutRight games myself to help the company get in touch with this.

Take a look on what the controls for this game look like if one of the game developers (Torus/Industrial Brothers/9 Story Media) will use to control the player in game.