MX vs ATV Unleashed Online Play PATCH

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sk8ace and I have been working hard on repairing functionality of online play for MX vs ATV Unleashed since it was part of the Gamespy servers. We have updated the .exe to direct all connections to Openspy, and successfully added the option to create new accounts.

Once created, you will be logged in. Please remember your username/password/email.

If you have any difficulty with logging in/creating an account, please contact either myself or sk8ace and we'll do our best to assist you.

FYI - Once you create your "Gamespy" account, this will work for all games that require Uniquenicks, so long as they're directed at Openspy.

Attached is the patched .exe that is REQUIRED for Openspy to work. Just backup and replace your MXvsATV.exe with this one.

We hope to see you guys online!
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