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General THPS(X) / THUGPro CAP Mod
« on: January 26, 2024, 08:45:15 pm »
Make sure to backup updt.dll before replacing. Using Surgeon mod with this CAP mod does more things.

This mod allows you to pass park resize limit than the game allows. Resize park pass 38 x 38 will crash the game. Resizing 37 x 72 is the max but the other side of the park is non-playable zone but more spaces to place pieces. Nuke Park will shift the park floor. Cars has no failed goal after reaching 0:00. Parks with premade size doesn't work like Alcatraz, Hell, THPS3, and THPS4 themes. Park Resize message is resizing park is faster.

CAP Surgeon Mod:

  • Resizing space by 1 step instead of 4
  • Vehicles control type. Will work playing park with cars with people using updt.dll enabled.
  • Increase and decrease goal timer by 1 step
  • Increase park editor bar. This will allow you to resize the park with pieces already placed without having to delete pieces to resize the park. The park bar may show full or how much park space taken up after exiting test play but it's not.

General THPS(X) / Tweaks and Small Improvents to Tony Hawk Tools
« on: September 12, 2023, 03:12:19 pm »
I have been working on tweaking and small improvements to old tools. I took time analyzing and researching carefully. All these tools are respectful to original owners.


Support: THPS3/THPS4/THUG1

I renamed the text "Local/Import Symbols" to "Hex and Scripts".


THUG2 De-Compiler

Support: THUG2/Remix

I modded roq tool layout to make it simple. The combo list of debug and thug1 doesn't work (tested multiple times) and removed prx/pre unpacker because PreTool does better job. This program claim to work THUG2/Pro and Remix scripts flawlessly. THPS3, THPS4, and THUG1 partially works but the scripts comes out corrupted...error instructions.


FNT Tool

Support: THPS4/THUG1/THUG2



Support: THPS4/THUG1/THUG2



Support: THAW

General THPS(X) / THPS4 PS1 MOD with Gameshark Codes
« on: March 04, 2023, 02:52:22 pm »
Original mod by ZurePitchmen83

Updated images by me

I can't find the rest of the images and textures.

All Cheats
800BF8DC 0B01
800BF8E0 0101
800BF8E4 0301
800BF8E8 0401
800BF8EC 0601
800BF8F0 0801
800BF8F4 0A01
800BF8F8 0D01

Custom Skater Infinite Stat Points (Edit Skater Only)
800BFA04 6300

All Gaps
800BF7D8 001F
800BF7E2 7FFF
800BF7F0 0007
800BF804 FFFF
800BF806 FFFF
800BF810 FFFF
800BF812 FFFF
800BF814 0007
800BF81C 3FFF

All Levels
800BE3DC 0200
800BE3DE 0601
800BE9E0 0305
800BE3E2 0704
800BE4DC 0200
800BE4DE 0601
800BE4E0 0305
800BE4E2 0704
800BE5DC 0200
800BE5DE 0601
800BE5E0 0305
800BE5E2 0704
800BE6DC 0200
800BE6DE 0601
800BE6E0 0305
800BE6E2 0704
800BE7DC 0200
800BE7DE 0601
800BE7E0 0305
800BE7E2 0704
800BE8DC 0200
800BE8DE 0601
800BE8E0 0305
800BE8E2 0704
800BE9DC 0200
800BE9DE 0601
800BE9E0 0305
800BE9E2 0704
800BEADC 0200
800BEADE 0601
800BEAE0 0305
800BEAE2 0704
800BEBDC 0200
800BEBDE 0601
800BEBE0 0305
800BEBE2 0704
800BECDC 0200
800BECDE 0601
800BECE0 0305
800BECE2 0704
800BEDDC 0200
800BEDDE 0601
800BEDE0 0305
800BEDE2 0704
800BEEDC 0200
800BEEDE 0601
800BEEE0 0305
800BEEE2 0704
800BEFDC 0200
800BEFDE 00601
800BEFE0 0305
800BEFE2 0704

General THPS(X) / [THUG1] Mod v1.5 (Discontinued)
« on: December 10, 2022, 12:13:14 am »
This mod is discontinued. My mod is now merged with THUG Remix mod.

THUG  Remix:

  • Everything is unlocked by default
  • Menus rearranged
  • Level Select from Thugplus and polished
  • Level Editor from Thugplus. Cleaned up and organized the list. Objects may crash pending on level.
  • Park memory limit increased to the max, Floating rail by pressing the grab button after placing a rail down, place rails on the ground, and merged pieces (There will be more in the updates)
  • Wallride and Walk are now gap type in Park Editor
  • 8 Observers online
  • 5 sec - 30 min timer gamemode online
  • Switch themes interface online
  • Playlist in sound options online
  • Screen Mode menu
  • Options in park editor test play
  • All cars control type in every level in Goal Editor menu
  • Cheats online

Create-A- / Re: Retiring from THUGPro content, and Blender tools rant
« on: August 25, 2022, 06:23:48 pm »
I have planned to retire thugpro too but there things I would like to do before I stop making stuff. I started playing thugpro few months after the mod launched in August 2013. I stopped playing it in 2014. I started to play again in 2017 and stopped again. I came back in 2021 because but this time I build better parks. There are parks things I would like to do before retiring.

I stepped away from thugpro because I don’t have much parks to make. I started working on thug1 because there’s not much stuff from that game.

I joined couple of discord servers that I don’t really care for because there are some projects I’m following and after mod comes out and complete…I leave the server because I got a mod I want to get. I joined a Luigi’s mansion modding discord server because I was following a project I would like to have. After the mod came out, I left the server because I don’t want to be involved talking to people. Staffs don’t mind people joining and leaving a server. You don’t have to stay in a server. That’s your decision if you want to stay or leave the servers.

Most projects and documents are now in community discord servers nowadays. Years ago before discord, people use to post in forums.

You are always welcome back to the community.

Create-A- / THUG Pro Cars Menu Mod
« on: June 29, 2022, 06:37:54 pm »
This mod only add cars menu for online only. People can't see what car model you're driving.

Car mod folder: disable update file and modded thugpro_qb.prx file

Original folder: auto update file and normal thugpro_qb.prx file

General THPS(X) / [Guide] How to Install Tony Hawk's Underground PC
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:31:10 pm »
This is a complete guide how to install THUG1.

Things you need:

Step 1: Open 7zip and Click on "THUG_1.mdf"

Step 2: Make a new folder on desktop and drag everything to the folder

Step 3: Go to "Setup>rsrc" folder and replace THUGCK.dll

Step 4: Click on "Setup.exe"

General THPS(X) / THPS3, THUG, THUG2, and THAW (Original + OpenSpy)
« on: November 08, 2019, 03:52:16 pm »
These apps has OpenSpy service without mods. Close to original versions.

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