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Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack!

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July 31, 2018, 05:32:19 PM
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Do you like hurting other people...
...with your skateboard?


How to install:

Click this link:

Select "Download all" in the top right, then let it zip and download in your browser.

After that, unzip it and you'll have two files, a folder and another file called "hm2.sound.json".

Put that .json file in "users/[your user name]/AppData/Local/THUG Pro/User". Make sure it's exact or the soundtrack will not show up. It's the information about all the songs so the game can know what the music is.

Put the folder in "users/[your user name]/AppData/Local/THUG Pro/User/Data/Music". This is where the .bik files live. They're literally the music itself.

After all that, go into your game, go to options, music options, and choose soundtrack. If you didn't mess anything up, it should be there. Enjoy!


(I've handpicked most of the music myself to have the best skating music possible. There may be some songs missing, but hey, at least there's some beta and remix tracks!)
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Re: Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack!

Reply 2 August 01, 2018, 01:09:18 PM
Don't forget to add it to the master list too :D

I didn't know that there was a master list! I almost mistake your hotline miami 1 entry for mine, haha. Anyways, how do I put mine in? Do I request edit access?


Never mind, I found the form to fill out on the sheet itself. Man, I really am dumb, aren't I?
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Re: Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack!

Reply 3 August 03, 2018, 09:05:55 PM
I noticed one or two songs (specifically, my jam, Le Perv) are a bit quieter then others. Maybe give a quick volume boost on some songs here and there if you can.

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