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June 07, 2018, 01:31:16 PM
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Hi 👋 just to clarify that my question comes from great worry about the state of the thugpro update.

So recently in a room it came to my mind this question “is there such a thing to hire a video game developer by a certain amount of hour(s)?”

Seems like a very odd proposal but just follow me and help me analyze (if you feel this is something it could or could not be done because you work or have little to some experience inside the video game industry or know some people pls do come up with something) if maybe would it be possible to hire some one to make progess on these “updates”.

Some people of good-will decided once to step up and be in charge of updating game features, game content and the functionality of the way the game goes. Since no one is paying them i think its beyond understood we cannot demand or ask for a date or any updates of any kind, and me personally thats the least of my concerns.

What concerns me is maybe these dudes forgot about this and hence the need to go out of our way and really see if we are in good power to collectively come up with something like taking action to this (not problem) situation, i went back to playing the THPS series back in November of 2017 after a long 6 year break and before that i was already involved to some extent with this community.

Thanks for reading if you did and this helps me communicate and stay in touch with the forums. Have a great day/afternoon/night, cheers! 👍😃

Re: Developers

Reply 1 June 07, 2018, 02:24:43 PM
I can assure you the developers haven't forgotten about the mod, and there is a planned update soon. All of the devs on the mod do it in their spare time, all of them have lives, and jobs, etc so they work on it when they can.

Because this mod is being developed by an established team, I doubt there would be an option to hire out work on it to others. I would bet due to legal reasons it needs to continue to be offered as 100% free to play and cost nothing to use. This because it is based on a game that is copyrighted- thus I highly doubt there is any chance of getting money involved with it. Lots of other reasons I can think of behind that, but just doubt money would ever be a part of this.
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Re: Developers

Reply 2 June 08, 2018, 09:24:23 PM
thanks now i can understand the money thing because that is something i´ve always wondered and thought it could get things done quicker, cheers dode.

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