Wallplant Angle and Activation Buttons

Detailed description:

Wallplants in THPS5 were done incorrectly so I would like to clear some things up for THPS1+2. In THPS5, wallplants only worked when your skater jumped directly at a wall (perpendicular). If your skater was at any other angle than 90 degrees to the wall, it didn’t work. Earlier games used a much wider wallplant allowable angle (~50 degrees on either side). This wider angle opens up so many possibilities for wallplants and would turn this technique into something incredibly useful.
Buttons to activate wallplants should either be Down+Jump and/or holding Down as you approach a wall. (If you are not pressing those buttons, don’t do a wallplant)

Does this suggestion exist in THPS1/2?

No, but it is confirmed for THPS1+2