THP8/THPG “all in one run” Classic Challenge

Detailed Description:

The P8/PG generation of games introduced a very interesting twist to Classic Goals: for it to be done 100%, all of them had to be completed in a single run, with the game resetting all of the goals after each try. Not only was this a MASSIVE test of skill, it’s also a challenging twist that does not deviate a lot from the gameplay we all know. It just adds an extra layer of challenge. It would be amazing if THPS 1+2 had something like a “Challenge Mode” for the level goals where your goal is to complete all of them in a single run.

Does this suggestion exist in THPS1/THPS2?

No. It exists only on Proving Ground and the 7th Gen version of Project 8. But it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.