Spectate or Freeskate When You Land After 0:00

Detailed Description:

During online multiplayer games, when the timer hits 0:00, your run stops unless you continue your combo. Players who’ve landed or fallen have to wait until all players end their combo to see the final results of the game.

To avoid being stuck staring at your own skater for minutes at a time, THPS1+2 needs to include the ability to automatically spectate other players after 0:00 until the game is over. This is extremely important because players can quickly learn new techniques and scoring lines from each other.

Additionally — if landed spectators don’t want to watch whoever has continued their combo, let players start freeskating until the game is over (by holding square, for example). Scores and the timer would remain on the screen, but players would be able to skate around the level while other players continued their combo. When the game is over, scores would appear on the screen like the normal end of game. At any time, players can bounce back into spectating from the pause menu (and vice versa).

Does this suggestion exist in THPS1/THPS2?
If no: please provide reasoning on why it should exist in the THPS 1+2 game.

In THPS3-4, players could only stare at their own stationary skater until the game was over. You had no idea who was still comboing, sometimes waiting 10+ minutes until the mysterious skater fell or landed. THUG saw a huge improvement: you automatically started spectating other players when your run was over. This avoided boredom, helped players learn from each other and popularized improvisational gameplay.